Pakistani lawyer tries to hoodwink Ertugrul actor Cavit Çetin aka Dogan Alp

By: News Desk      Published: 06:58 PM, 28 Aug, 2020
Pakistani lawyer tries to hoodwink Ertugrul actor Cavit Çetin aka Dogan Alp

Turkish actor Cavit Çetin Güner, who played the role of Dogan Alp in the famous Turkish drama serial Dirlis: Ertugrul, has made a startling revelation that how a Pakistani lawyer has tried to hoodwink him.

Dram serial Ertugrul has gained immense popularity among the Pakistani fans since the national broadcasting channel PTV started airing the Urdu version of the drama serial.

All the actors have quickly become an eye candy of Pakistani fans and they got a huge fan following from Pakistan on their social media accounts. 

Cavit Çetin was really appreciated and loved by the fans for his unique character and acting skills in the drama where he played the role of Dogan Alp who was one of the closest comrade of Ertugrul Ghazi, the main character around whom the whole story of the drama revolves.

He later marries to Bano Cicek and was martyred before the birth of his son when he and Ertugrul’s younger brother Dundar Bey were ambushed by a Christian governor when they were on an errand to take a secret message of Ertugrul to Sultan Alladin Kekubut.

And his aura as the fiercest warrior and an honest and simple person has left a lasting impression on the fans.

However, another twist has come that would leave many in bad taste when a Pakistani lawyer deceptively engaged Cavit Çetin for a business project and he agreed to tour Pakistan.

Describing the ordeal, Cavit Çetin shared an Urdu message in his Instagram stories that may leave many Pakistan fans heartbroken as well as embarrassed.

However, he showed affection for Pakistani people at the same time to show the love of Pakistani people really means to him.

“I want to apologise to Pakistani people,” he wrote, “I met a lawyer named Musawar Abbas in Turkey through a friend. We talked and agreed on a business project. However, later it has been revealed that the business project was not real and Musawar Abbas had lied to us. 

“Our love for Pakistan people is mutual. However, under these circumstances, I would not be able to visit Pakistan. I hope that I will meet some able and trustworthy person soon and will be meet Pakistani people in future.”