Actress Hira Mani may have low esteem issues: “Mein Anparh hoon”  

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 11:58 AM, 28 Jun, 2021
Actress Hira Mani may have low esteem issues: “Mein Anparh hoon”  

Pakistani actress Hira Mani has made an appearance at Ahsan Khan’s show and the actress indulged in various candid moments. 

The renowned diva might have gotten a bit TOO comfortable at the set.

However, Miss Hira uttered a statement that caught our attention right away and her declaration might be emanating vibes of ‘low esteem’ issues which Hira might be harbouring.

As we all know that even though Hira Mani is one impeccable talent and only a few actors leave the kind of impact that Hira manages to leave through her skills, it is also observed that Hira might be a bit insecure?

Well, we can’t seem to imagine why though after all the fame and attention the actress receives on a daily basis.

While at the set, Mrs Mani called herself ‘Anparh’ (illiterate) during an engrossing conversation with host Ahsan Khan.

She talked about how her husband Mani is very strict regarding studies while the actress portrays leniency.

Hira emphasises how there was immense strictness imposed on her and she still turned out to be ‘unpar’ (illiterate).

While in conversation with Ahsan Khan regarding the topic at hand, Hira pointed out to the host that she certainly does not have degrees which Ahsan and the likes of him possess.