Mariyam Nafees shames person who offered 3 lacs for short meeting 

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 02:07 PM, 28 Jun, 2021
Mariyam Nafees shames person who offered 3 lacs for short meeting 

Pakistani television actress Mariyam Nafees is in a mood to burst and rightfully so after a random Instagram follower sent her a message which exceeds the threshold of all moral principles.

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A social media user by the name of Fahad Khan sent the actress a message through which he offered Mariyam 3 lacs in exchange for a few hours with his friend.

The bold lad also had the guts to explain his desperateness by offering a cherry on top, he told the actress that his friend is from abroad who is also exceedingly nice.

The audacity! Like that would instantly make Mariyam accept the offer.

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Mariyam then took to her social media platform and expressed her desire for this kind of indecency to stop.

The infuriated actress further labelled these kinds of boys complete ‘morons’ that they have the nerve to stoop so low.

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If you are a guy possessing this kind of mentality, Mariyam wants you to know that the actresses of the nation are working hard for twelve hours or more each day and they will not AT ALL tolerate your immoral attitude.

Mariyam mentions, “We come from educated backgrounds to make a name for ourselves, nobody and I mean NOT A SINGLE PERSON is allowed to disrespect us.”

Then the star chooses to get to point, “Actresses are not prostitutes.”

Yes Mariyam, something needs to be done about the backward thinking clouding the minds of certain individuals. However, we definitely appreciate the way you stood up for yourself and every other actress/model having to go through these kinds of situations on a daily basis.

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