When Nida Yasir’s show turned into a HORROR show!

By: News Desk      Published: 03:10 PM, 28 May, 2021
When Nida Yasir’s show turned into a HORROR show!
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Pakistani morning show host Nida Yasir is full of surprises that never fail to entertain as well as amuse us.

This time the renowned host dived deep into revealing fragments of an incident when her ‘show turned into a horror show’.

Nida Yasir chose to invite the crew of drama Neeli Zinda Hai on her set and while in deep conversation about various topics Nida remembered when GMP proved to be a frightening mess.

Nida recalled how in the beginning a lot of the segments’ concept was based upon supernatural species which indicated horrifying experiences.

Once while on set, Nida recalled that suddenly the lights went off and one of the lights fell on one of the guests.

Wow. That’s interesting.

Nida further revealed that one guest saved herself from actually getting burnt!

Nida solemnly declared, “Such incident never happened but on that particular day we had to face it”.

Haven’t we all heard about the law of attraction? We attract what we think about and in this case supernatural species clouding the crew’s minds actually subjected to everyone experiencing a frightening incident. 

Also, the light falling on the guest’s head? That is petrifying.