Zarnish Khan schools Maira Khan over her derogatory ‘burger-paindu’ stance 

By: News Desk      Published: 12:41 PM, 28 Sep, 2021
Zarnish Khan schools Maira Khan over her derogatory ‘burger-paindu’ stance 

Actress Zarnish Khan has taken the solace of her online presence in order to convey her opinions regarding the popular ‘burger-paindu’ debate to another actress Maira Khan who bashed a certain class for trying to live up to the standards of ‘burgers’.

A certain norm circulating the nation has divided people into certain categories. The people who live in the posh areas specially DHA are referred to as the ‘burgers’ whereas the people who belong to areas which might not be considered as elite are referred to as ‘paindus’. 

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Lately, Maira Khan while parked at Seaview, DHA Karachi stated that ‘burgerism’ is found within and by shifting to Defence one can’t get rid of their inborn ‘cheap’ traits. 

Concluding her stance, Maira declared: “Once a paindu, always a paindu.”

Seems like Zarnish Khan doesn’t agree with Maira at all and through a long written message, Zarnish tried to convey to Maira that being a celebrity comes with responsibilities and the importance to conduct oneself accordingly.

Furthermore, Zarnish believes that both of the terms (burger, paindu) are derogatory in their own way and one’s respect or stature can’t be determined through how cool they portray to be.

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Zarnish wants to tell everyone to stop limiting themselves to such beliefs and norms as in the end we are all from the same nation. 

And then Zarnish stated that she LOVES ‘Anday wala burger’.

Well who doesn’t?