Alizeh Shah shares picture of her naughtier baby version 

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 11:54 AM, 28 Sep, 2021
Alizeh Shah shares picture of her naughtier baby version 

Voila! Actress Alizeh Shah has shared a fetching image of her younger, naughtier version and we are completely amazed at the similarities mature Alizeh and miniature Alizeh seem to have.

The controversy queen has made it her mission to ALWAYS shock everyone with the kind of content she uploads on her social media handles however Alizeh’s picture featuring the actress when she was just a baby has made us awestruck.

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The endearing mini Alizeh is sitting while she poses with an expression of wholesome curiosity and innocence which every kid at this age seem to be carrying as this time period is the start to exploring even the ordinary proceedings of life and finding them glorious and awe-inspiring.

Talking about how similar mini Alizeh is to her mature self, firstly let’s focus on the humongous naughty eyes! Isn’t that the most captivating feature of our favourite actress Alizeh Shah? Seems like the baby is rocking her naughty expression with equal swag as well.

Another thing which we think Alizeh Shah has been flaunting since a very young age is her ability to cause an impact, through her powerful personality.

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Baby Shah dons a frock with strap sandals and have three super cute teddy bears accompanying her in the click. Fan-base this strong at this age too Alizeh?

In the caption of her post, the actress has stated: “I miss my penguin.”

Doesn’t seem like it from the way you have abandoned the penguin in the picture Alizeh, however may you get reunited with your stuff toy soon.