Netizens bash Aamna Ilyas on her wrongly-gone ‘kickoff’ challenge

By: News Desk      Published: 01:13 PM, 29 Aug, 2021
Netizens bash Aamna Ilyas on her wrongly-gone ‘kickoff’ challenge
Video grab.

Famous Pakistani model, TV and film star Aamna Ilyas is being bashed by netizens on her wrongly-gone kickoff challenge.

The actress could be seen, in a recently shared video, posing to kicking off an apple that was placed on the head of a boy who sat before her for the kickoff challenge.

As soon as she began her go, the angle of the extension of her foot goes wrong and her foot, instead of hitting the apple placed on the head of the boy, striking the head of the boy who falls down on the floor leaving Aamna spine chilled. Surprised and perplexed, the actress covers her mouth with both of her hands, indecisively, not knowing whether to laugh or be concerned for the health of the boy.

Thousands of fans of the actress could be seen poking her over the wrong shot while some took it way too personal and called this act an epitome of disrespect.

Although, the actress while posting the video captioned it, “nobody was hurt while making this video and no one should try this at home’’.

But, the video went viral as fire of forest and same did the criticism. Thousands of her fans began sharing their reviews. Some compared it with the situation of reversed genders while some referred Aamna a non-ethical content creator. 

The comments over actress creating awful content and smashing ‘Risk’ were also seen.

It is pertinent to state here that the actress holds a special place in hearts of her 664K fans as she keeps on sharing funny and creative videos to engage them. 

Here are links to her recent posts:

The remarkably talented model has proven her mettle in acting. Aamna started her acting debut with Azfar Rehman whereas her film Baaji brought her great fame and attention in public eye.

Moreover, the actress also did a theoretical remake of drama Ankahi, and could now be seen in her upcoming project with Junaid Khan and Emmad Irfani on a national TV network.