WHO calls for maximum coronavirus testing

By: News Desk      Published: 11:49 AM, 29 Mar, 2020
WHO calls for maximum coronavirus testing
WHO calls for maximum coronavirus testing

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has urged countries to test as much as possible to find out who's infected virus.


Based on known infections, Germany has one of lowest death rates world-wide. Contributing factors include wider testing. The country has the best prepared healthcare system overall, with close to best ratios of intensive care beds, doctors and nurses per 100,000 people. It also has six to seven times the ratio of ICU beds as Europe’s poorest performing countries including Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, UK and Greece, and is rolling out a test that provides results in less than three hours.

"One thing is clear: all of us have safety first — even before economic interests," German health minister said.

South Korea

South Korea tested the most per head of population while others have tested much less, although they are increasing that now. Here number of new cases has been on the decline, has been a model of coronavirus testing. The country has 50 drive-through screening clinics where people can get a medical exam and have a sample taken in just 10 minutes. Health workers are processing up to 15,000 tests every day.


About one in every 25 people in Iceland has been tested, the highest rate in the world. Not only tested people with symptoms, but all arrivals in the country since Feb. Conducting random testing to check the true spread of asymptomatic carriers (around 6% of the randomly tested people tested positive).


It was relatively slow in getting its testing programme underway, has now significantly ramped this up across the country. US maintains a world-leading ratio of intensive care beds. The National Guard has been deployed to the containment area to deliver food to homes and help with cleaning of public spaces.


Many residents in Wuhan have become reliant on delivery workers on scooters and motorcycles to deliver food or other necessities. Hospitals also rely on those couriers to deliver medical supplies, in which case the drivers wear hazmat suits. Severe restrictions in Hubei are being credited for a decline in new cases


Govt instituted price caps on face masks to maximize the number of people wearing them, and is taking the temperature of people.


Having learned from the SARS it has detailed contract tracing in place, and practices a radical form of transparency which publishes the specific locations of virus carriers. Residents of Singapore can download an app called TraceTogether.


Iranian Foreign Minister tweeted that "Strict preventive measures — including screening of air travelers at departure gates --are being implemented." A few days earlier, he had pleaded for supplies for Iran, including masks, ventilators, test kits, and protective wear, blaming US sanctions for endangering Iranians.

United Kingdom

British researchers are close to releasing finger prick tests that would demonstrate if a person has developed coronavirus antibodies and would therefore be safe to return to work.


France has requisitioned all of the country's surgical masks for distribution to those who need them. The government also has capped the price of hand sanitizer.