People throng Expo Centre to donate blood on call of Ertugrul’s Abdul Rehman Alp

By: News Desk
Published: 03:56 PM, 29 Mar, 2021
People throng Expo Centre to donate blood on call of Ertugrul’s Abdul Rehman Alp
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Ertugrul’s sensation, Turkish actor Celal Al who played the role of Abdul Rehman Alp had become a crucial contributor into attracting a big sum of people at Expo Center, Karachi, for blood donation directed towards children ailed by Thalassaemia and other related blood diseases.

The camp was put together by Omair-Sana Foundation [OSF], an organization having the sole aim of Thalassaemia treatment for the children inflicted by it. This time the organization worked on collecting as many blood bags as they could before Ramadan.

A huge amount of people turned up at the destination, but the population majorly constituted of youngsters including students who were eagerly donating blood at the camp. Celal Al also ended up donating blood for the second time during the course of the past few months and promised to keep on donating for the innocent children troubled by blood diseases.

“Today I’m donating my blood second time for the Pakistani children suffering from thalassemia. This will not only strengthen the bond between Turkey and Pakistan but will also encourage others to donate blood for those who need blood donations for living normal lives,” Celal Al declared during the inauguration. “Turkish blood is being donated for Pakistani children; this will further strengthen the bond between the two nations,” he said.

Verses from the Holy Quran were also recited by Celal Al during the blood drive as well as the slogans of "Jeevey Jeevey Pakistan", "Pakistan-Turkey friendship zindabad" were being shouted by the enthusiastic Turkish actor.

Most importantly, Celal Al declared that he is more than happy to be visiting Pakistan whenever he is invited as he considers Pakistan his second home due to such immense recognition and love from Pakistanis. He declared that he is even more popular in Pakistan than he is in Turkey.

Dr Kashif Ansari, a US-based oncologist and one of the organizers of the blood drive, said that they had invited Celal Al for the second time in the country as his attending becomes a source of motivation for the public specially the young generation leading to them being eager and exhilarated to help for a good cause [donating blood for the unwell children]

He paid his gratitude to the Turkish Star by saying thank you for his blood donation and being available leading to a great sum dropping by for the great cause.    Dr Saqib Ansari, Dr. Fawad Farooq, Dr. Rahat Hussain, Dr. Saif-ur-Rehman and Yahya Hussaini were also present at the occasion.