Sindh govt not considering ending lockdown: Nasir Shah

Published: 09:32 PM, 30 Apr, 2020
Sindh govt not considering ending lockdown: Nasir Shah
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Sindh Minister for Information, Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that the testing kits provided to the Sindh government were declared substandard by medical experts and not by the Sindh government.

The provincial Information Minister said on Thursday that these test kits were not generating the accurate results. He said that when the test kits would not give the correct result, how it would be exactly known that how far the coronavirus had spread or what should be the treatment of the patient.

Syed Nasir Hussain Shah further said that because the health and lives of the people were first and foremost important to the Sindh government, therefore, no decision to end the lock down was under consideration so far.

Nasir Shah said that although the Sindh government had no role in the whole affair, but even then the Sindh government was accused of point scoring. He said that the same substandard test kits were also provided to Punjab, therefore they had reservations about the coronavirus tests conducted in Punjab.

He said that from the very first day when the first case of coronavirus came to light, the practice was that every good step taken by the Sindh government was first criticised, then the exactly the same steps were followed by all other provinces.

The provincial minister said that from the very beginning the Sindh government had been requesting to formulate a joint strategy, because the Sindh government believed that the complete elimination of the pandemic was only possible in cooperating with each other and taking precautionary measures according to standards set by world health organization.

He lamented that what we said about it was not taken seriously at all. He said that the situation could have been different today if the opinion of the Sindh government of formulating a joint strategy had been given importance.

He said that we should all be aware that the Coronavirus was a reality, adding that, everyone of us had to avoid everything that could be the possible cause of its spread. Since no vaccine had been invented so far, the only way all of us could prevent ourselves from it was not to go out of our homes unnecessarily and to be as careful as possible, he added.

Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that the Sindh government was well aware of the difficulties of the business community and that the government was trying to open the businesses gradually after devising the standard operating procedures.

The provincial minister added that the Sindh government was in constant contact with the representatives of the business community and was trying to resolve their issues as soon as possible.