Here’s your astrological predictions for August 30

By: News Desk
Published: 10:54 AM, 30 Aug, 2021
Here’s your astrological predictions for August 30
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Welcome! Life is full of ups and downs. Right? However, the events of the day can surely be favourable if one is ready to conquer all. Start your day with an enhanced idea of what is about to come your way. You might ask how? Well we are here to help you to your journey to SUCCESS!


If there’s anything your experiences have taught you, it’s that your instincts don’t lie. So, find a middle ground between your logical and your intuitive side before you take the next step. This will help you emerge victorious despite your circumstances. On the downside, relationship troubles could be a constant in the Aries HQ. Make sure you listen as much as you speak. Yes, that means letting go of the need to be right at all times.


It’s one of those days, Taurus. One of those days when everybody and everything seems to be working against you, especially on the work front. Step back and play the role of the observer. This will help you draw your boundaries wherever necessary and stand up for yourself if need be. Remember, you don’t have to succumb to dirty politics in order to survive. On the upside, things on the personal front are looking oh-so-good for you all of this week! Allow yourself to experience deeper intimacy and watch how relationships blossom with you.


You’re really feeling yourself this week, Gemini, and it’s adding a touch of magic to everything you say and do. Think bigger and better opportunities, expanded network and connection and the financial stability you have been manifesting for yourself for a while now. But that doesn’t mean you have to play the shmooze game in order to make your way up the ladder. Bring your most authentic self to the table and trust that those around you will appreciate you for it.


We’re always talking about attracting love. But, how often are we working towards nurturing and sustaining the relationships that we have already been blessed with? The week ahead finds you striking a balance between the two as you allow yourself to feel all the feels, Cancer. Everybody you have called in has a special place and purpose in your life. So, celebrate love in its myriad forms knowing that everything you put into the Universe will find its way back to you.


An opportunity that didn’t quite work out for you in the past is coming back into your life in a brand new form. Your hesitation is understandable, Leo. But, your hesitation is also a sign that the given opportunity is going to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and grow differently. Word for the wise: say yes with the inner knowing that you’re fully supported by the Universe.


The trouble is, you’re wasting too much time complaining about what hasn’t worked out. But you can’t get ahead by obsessing over the past. So, take a moment to integrate the learnings. Take a moment to give thanks for all the lessons learned. If anything, your experiences have made you bulletproof and rendered you with the wisdom required to take on seemingly impossible challenges.


Everything is as it should be. Everything is perfect in this moment. You are conduit for good vibes, Libra, and you’re spreading happiness like confetti. No wonder people feel like they can be their true and most authentic selves around you! Speaking of authenticity, your interpersonal dynamics are undergoing a shift too. Come as you are, beautiful, and know that you deserve to experience a greater degree of intimacy with those who are in your circle.


Given how strong your manifestation game is, you will hit the jackpot when it comes to work and money this week, Scorpio. So, open your arms and allow yourself to receive. This is *just* the opportunity that you have been calling into your experience actively. What’s more, you’ll find new avenues to expand your network too. The key is to say yes to the unknown and honour everything as a gift from the mysterious forces above. 


We're always in a rush to get somewhere or achieve something. It’s safe to say that this goal-oriented approach has killed our mojo and taken us away from the simple pleasures of life. This week, you’re being asked to honour and acknowledge the collective message of slowing down and give yourself the love and care you deserve. Remember, we cannot go from action to action. It’s important to make space for rest and relaxation as it helps us refuel our reserves.


What if we said you don’t have to be anybody but your true and most authentic self in order to be loved and appreciated? Let go of the need to play by the rules. Let go of the need to please other people. You were chosen for this mission for a reason, and it’s now time for you to fully show up for it. If you’re in a leadership position, you may have to ask for a greater degree of accountability from your employees. Don’t shy away from standing up for yourself and the organisation you are a part of.


We're so obsessed with the idea of how things should and shouldn’t be, we refuse to acknowledge all the ways in which we are supported and taken care of. It's true that a lot of your plans are on hold right now. It’s true that the destination somehow keeps moving further away from you. But, it’s all a part of the plan. A part of the divine plan that wants to make sure you are fully prepared to receive what you have asked for. So, keep doing the inner work knowing that you’re moving closer to the life you’ve been manifesting for yourself.


A message for the lonely and broken-hearted: it gets better from here, Pisces. It truly gets better from here. Trust that the love you have been manifesting is just around the corner. Perhaps, your paths have already crossed. It’s a matter of time before the Universe brings you together. Word for the wise: look for reasons to say yes even when you want to say no. Coupled Pisceans are being asked to appreciate what they already have without letting their ego get in the way of something *this* beautiful.