Party girl Hareem Shah enjoys belly dancing in buzzing Turkey restaurant 

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 11:29 AM, 30 Aug, 2021
Party girl Hareem Shah enjoys belly dancing in buzzing Turkey restaurant 

Hareem Shah’s adventures in Turkey have been keeping her fans highly entertained and this time the celebrated TikToker has come up with another video which is QUITE intriguing as it portrays the buzzing night-life in Turkey.

If you aren’t already familiar, Miss Shah is on a honeymoon in Turkey with her anonymous husband and she has taken the opportunity to come up with consistent yet ‘bizarre’ content.

Ranging from sheesha sessions to the TikTok personality swaying on a careless selection of songs, Hareem Shah has got the population fixated on her escapades.

This time however, Hareem has shared a video on her Instagram handle which is taken in a Turkish restaurant while a belly dancer dances with just the right synchronization to attract attention.

While the belly-dancer is making sure to dazzle the residents with her moves, people are making sure to make videos including Hareem Shah. How can Miss Shah miss such a monumental moment. Right?

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In a previous video, Hareem talks about how a human’s life is a test, an examination. 

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Hareem stated: “A person faces good and bad times both but one should enjoy and keep proceeding in life. One shouldn’t be attached to his/her past and keep on self-analysing and keep moving forward. Also it is crucial to make your bond with God stronger.”

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