Peshawar police cancel firearms permits

By: News Desk      Published: 02:21 PM, 30 May, 2021
Firearms permits
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Police have cancelled all the permits for holding firearms in the entire Peshawar district, ordering for the confiscation of these documents, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

According to a notification issued on Sunday, all permit holders must be informed by the police regarding the cancellation of weapon permits, no matter if the permit holders have already registered their weapons with their respective police station or not, the firearms permits stand cancelled all across the Peshawar district. The police administration has ordered the confiscation of all permits

Police have been directed to confiscate the firearms permits during routine checking. They have also been instructed to take full action in case of order violation. 

The notification said that from now on the firearm permits hold no legal significance and have become void forthwith. It said no person could any longer roam about in the district with his weapons on the basis of these permits

It directed that if a person needs to possess firearms for his personal security, then he should lawfully apply for a license. The firearms license holders will be bound to act upon the stated terms and conditions of the license, the notification stated and added that the license holder could use firearms within the ambit of the law. 

The notification prohibited the exhibition of arms. Only the license holder could take out his weapon for personal security and not with the intent of showing off. 

The license holder can’t lend his firearms to any person as it is unlawful, the notification added.