Heart-warming glimpses of Sarah Khan’s ‘Champi time’ courtesy husband Falak  

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 12:57 PM, 30 Sep, 2021
Heart-warming glimpses of Sarah Khan’s ‘Champi time’ courtesy husband Falak  

Some updates from our favourite celebrity couples tend to be so gratifying that we are compelled to get inspired, this time Sarah Khan’s ‘champi time’ by her husband Falak will warm your heart right to the core.

Sarah Khan has posted a video on her Instagram handle in which we can see her husband, singer Falak Shabir sitting on the bed while pregnant Sarah Khan sits on the floor getting ready for her sweet champi time by her affectionate better half.

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Don’t know what champi is? Well the term refers to a head message which is conducted by the help of a hair oil. ‘Champi’ is an act which is mostly conducted by loved-ones and is also considered to be a bonding time when someone close applies oil on the head and gives a massage intending to bond. Champi is mostly carried out by mothers for their daughters.

In the video circulating on social media, life partners Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir have been spotted indulging in a romantic bonding time which they are quite renowned for already as their chemistry is immensely appreciated by the netizen community.

The video starts with Falak holding a cup of what seems like tea while he talks to his better half and the duo end up laughing while indulging in healthy banter.

Sarah while donning a red shirt then moves on to applying a cream on her foot and soon after Falak starts massaging his wife’s head with some hearty energy.

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