Motorways reopen for traffic

Police advise drivers to use fog lights while travelling on motorways

By: News Desk      Published: 09:11 AM, 2 Dec, 2021
motorways shut down
Residents walk on a rail track next to a train amid foggy and smoggy conditions in Lahore.–AFP

Motorways reopened for traffic hours after they were shut down due to the thick fog which blanketed the country's plain regions on Thursday morning, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

Earlier, heavy fog blanketed the plain areas of the country on Thursday morning shutting down many motorways and slowing down the traffic on highways.

Due to the thick fog, Motorway, M1, was closed down for traffic from Peshawar to Swabi. From Lahore to Kot Momin and from Samundri to Darkhana, Motorway, M2, has been shut down for traffic. Later, Motorway, M1, was reopened for traffic from Peshawar to Rashkai as the visibility improved.

Motorway, M3, was also closed for traffic from Jaranwala to Darkhana due to heavy foggy conditions.

As the fog was lifted after about two to three hours, the Motorways – M2, M3 and M4 – were reopened for traffic.

The thick fog has also slowed down the pace of traffic on highways.

The Motorway police have advised the commuters to use fog lights while travelling on the motorways and if not necessary, avoid travel during foggy conditions.

While travelling, the drivers must keep their vehicles at a greater distance from other vehicles as they normally do, the police said. The drivers can also seek advice from helpline 130 before and during the course of their journey, the police said.

The police further said that the closure of motorways is for the welfare of the public. As soon as the fog is lifted, these will be reopened for the public, the police added.

Reporter Usman Javed