Why neutrals are not holding elections if really neutral: Imran Khan

PTI Chairman raises four questions to his regime changers;Says going to Islamabad for national justice

By: News Desk
Published: 05:42 PM, 2 Nov, 2022
Why neutrals are not holding elections if really neutral: Imran Khan
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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said to the neutrals that if they have decided to remain neutral then why don't they hold elections?

On the sixth day of his long march at GT Road, Imran Khan addressed the workers in the Gakhar area of Wazirabad and said he wanted answers to some questions.

First question; When the American ambassador threatened to remove Imran Khan, he was the prime minister at that time and the ambassador was under him, so who was he telling to remove the PM?

Second question; Who was threatening Arshad Sharif? And, who was it that wanted to mute his voice?

Third question; Who is threatening journalists? Who is afraid of freedom of speech? Who are the people who want to ban the media? 

Fourth question; Who are they who stripped and tortured Azam Khan Swati in front of his grandsons? Who were they who stripped and tortured Shahbaz Gul? FIA says they don't know, then who knows? Who are they who say stay away from PTI? Who is it that has imposed thieves and robbers on the nation?

Imran Khan said, "Ishaq Dar became the finance minister of this country who testified before the magistrate that he has been doing money laundering for the Sharif family?"

PTI chairman announced that no one should think that the protest will end after reaching Islamabad, as long as he is alive, he will continue to chase these thieves.

Earlier, when Imran Khan reached Gakhar, the stage built there for Imran Khan's address became useless as its ladder broke and PTI head addressed the gathering from his container.

Imran Khan addressed the charged gathering at Rahwali and said he is going to Islamabad for national justice against the ruling thieves and thugs. 

Addressing the long marchers, Imran Khan advised them that in his view, a man should get die instead of passing a life like a slave.

He announced that he will raise questions in the future about those who are behind all the wrongdoings like giving NRO to the corrupt rulers, ending the NAB cases against the Sharifs and Zardari, and imposing these corrupt and incompetent people on the nation.

The PTI chairman said they were going to Islamabad for justice against all wrongdoings of the corrupt rulers.

Imran Khan said National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was not in his control during his last regime and who were controlling it at that time gave a safe way to the Sharifs, Zardari, and other corrupt people in their graft cases and then imposed the same incompitents on the nation.

The former premier said it was surprising that the four witnesses of Ramzan Sugar Mills and money laundering cases against Sharif were removed from the scene in just two months of the sitting rulers.

He said there were four witnesses against Sharifs’ corruption case of Rs16 billion in FIA but all of them have died including an investigation of the agency.

PTI Chairman Imran said Gulzar Ahmad, a peon in the Ramzan Sugar Mills of Sharifs have died for an unknown reason, Muzammal Raja, a cash boy in the Mills died of a heart attack, Ghulam Sabir, a brother of Muzammal Raja also died by a heart attack, Maqsood Chaprasi who got Rs4 billion in his bank account died by a heart attack. 

The PTI chairman added that an Investigating officer of the FIA Dr Razwan died of a heart attack while another investigating officer of the FIA against Sharifs’ cases Nadeem Akhtar also got a heart attack but survived. 

Imran Khan further stated that Imran Raza, an investigator officer against the sitting Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan in his graft cases also died but nobody in the country asked about these surprising deaths to anyone.

At the end of the speech Imran Khan, an oath was taken by the gathering to support him in this struggle.

At the end of the speeches, an oath was also taken from the gathering to continue their support of Imran Khan against corruption.

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