Analysts say patience of masses is ending by inflation now

By: News Desk      Published: 01:01 AM, 2 Oct, 2021
Analysts say patience of masses is ending by inflation now

Senior journalists and political analysts Friday said that the patience of people was ended by high inflation now and their hands were about to reach the necks of rulers.

During 24NewHD TV Channel programme – DNA – Salim Bokhari, Iftikhar Ahmed, PJ Mir and Javed Iqbal criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan and Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen for increasing petrol prices and holding talks with banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

Salim Bokhari said the people were annoyed with Imran’s government for false promises. He said three finance ministers had already fled and Shaukat Tareen would also flee soon.

He said due to the increase in the rate of the dollar and petroleum products, inflation in Pakistan had increased drastically. He said Tareen was saying inflation in other countries was much higher than in Pakistan but he was not telling the per capita income of people there.

Salim Bokhari expressed concern that though Pakistan was an agricultural country, unfortunately, it was importing wheat and sugar. He said the government was making the lives of people harder by its wrong economic policies.

Talking about the issue of talks with TTP, Salim Bokhari said the government was determined to resolve every important issue outside the parliament.

He said the Afghan Taliban government had succeeded to develop an understanding with the TTP so now they were seeking concessions from Pakistan for them.

On the issue of inflation, Iftikhar Ahmed in a taunting style said the finance minister would not give a fish to the nation but teach them to catch the fish. However, he emphasized that he only had a desire to get food and drink at low prices.

About the government’s talks with banned terrorist organization TTP, he raised the question that the TTP was banned under the National Action Plan so why Imran wanted negotiations with them?

Iftikhar Ahmed also asked Prime Minister Imran Khan that he should tell the nation under what authority the talks were being held?

On this occasion, PJ Mir defended the government and said PM’s object to hold talks with banned TTP was just to maintain peace in the country. However, he said that he was not willing to talk to anyone who had insulted Pakistani soldiers.

Javed Iqbal discussing the issue of inflation and new petroleum prices said the poor man had no interest in the petroleum levy percentage but was worried about to meet his necessities in the current era. He said the poor class was worry about how to get medicine or to pay his children’s school fees.

About the PM’s talks with TTP, Javed Iqbal said that despite getting successful negotiations with some groups of the banned organization, what was the guarantee that other groups would not harm the country?

Report: Nadeem Anjum

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