Is Mashal Khan striking back by flaunting engagement ring?

By: News Desk      Published: 12:17 PM, 3 May, 2021
Is Mashal Khan striking back by flaunting engagement ring?

It is no secret that Pakistani actor Ali Ansari is now officially engaged to actress Saboor Aly.

However, it seems that Ali’s ex-girlfriend Mashal Khan is not taking this news positively.

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Ali Ansari is a Pakistani actor who has surprised everyone through his engagement celebration with Saboor Aly, the sister of a widely acclaimed Pakistani diva Sajal Aly. 

File photo of Mashal Khan with Ali Ansari.

However, Ali Ansari’s fans are fully aware of the fact that the actor was previously in a relationship with the Suno Chanda sensation Pakistani actress Mashal Khan

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Ali and Saboor’s engagement news was received with extreme enthusiasm by the netizens and the engagement pictures went viral over social media.

Basically, everyone is thrilled with the couple coming together and portraying ultimate couple goals.

We believe Mashal got excessively annoyed with the attention the couple received.

Also, it is probable that she still has feelings for Ali Ansari therefore she has decided to strike back. 

Mashal has posted an Instagram picture in which she is flaunting a ring.

Is this an engagement ring Mashal?

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Whoever has even the tiniest bit of sense would suspect that this an attempt to make a particular someone jealous as the timing of Mashal’s retaliation is suspicious. 

Maybe she wants Ali Ansari to regret his decision?

Well we suspect that Mashal is trying to imply here: Ali if you have moved on, so have I.

Here is Mashal flaunting her ring:

Mashal Khan is a 24-year-old Pakistani television actress and model. She made her debut as a television actress in a renowned serial known as Suno Chanda. In Suno Chanda, she played the role of Kinza.