Hareem Shah falls down TERRIBLY while enjoying kids slide

By: Iqra Ejaz
Published: 02:54 PM, 3 Sep, 2021
Hareem Shah falls down TERRIBLY while enjoying kids slide
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Bringing to you another of Hareem Shah’s intoxicating adventures while the TikToker falls down MISERABLY amidst a session on children’s slide.

The VERY active social media personality keeps updating us with endless updates on her adventurous yet promising stunts and this time Hareem Shah seems to be channelling her inner kid while she enjoys a kids’ rides session.

In the latest video, Hareem can be seen finding her way through an array of various coloured balls which are found on a children’s slide and as the TikToker finds her way through the tough balls laden floor, she falls down and hit her hand badly.

However as always, Hareem emerges laughing through her silly stunt.

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In another video, Miss Shah is jumping HARD on a trampoline and having a blast while at it however while she is enjoying the experience way too much, the TikToker doesn’t seem to care that she is being recorded and also doesn’t seem to care that her exploding excitement scared off a kid who hurriedly exited the part of the trampoline occupied by Hareem Shah

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The most entertaining video of Hareem Shah from her latest escapades might be the one in which she is swaying to ‘Dil ko Karar Aya’ however the person sitting behind Miss Shah who is enjoying his sheesha session quite a lot also happens to be observing the TikTok personality while she does what she does best: make a video.

From what we have observed, Hareem Shah likes going to sheesha cafes A LOT because mostly she is found indulging in her new favourite habit: sheesha or is found in shops, satiating her shopping needs.