Stars predict obstacles in executing romantic plans

December 4, 2021 09:11 PM

All zodiac signs have their own characteristics and traits which define someone’s personality. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you started your day by already knowing about what’s going to come your way? Read on to find out whether the odds will be in your favour today.


Aries (March 21-April 20)

Your mind may be a little occupied with extra work responsibilities on the professional front. Your financial condition may remain stable and you may think about investing your money. You may show your love and care for your children by splurging on them or planning something exciting for the day. Some may enjoy the fruit of their hard work on the business front. You may feel energetic and powerful after taking special care of your health. 

Love Focus: Some obstacles are foreseen in executing romantic plans you made for your partner.

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Colour:  Forest Green

Taurus (April 21-May 20)

This is going to be a productive day as stars are in your favour. Some may try to boost their savings and make careful decisions on the financial front. A younger family member may disappoint you. Try to learn the art of compromise and practice patience. Some may think about new business ventures. Everything can go as per your plan if you focus on important tasks. Some may find themselves healthy and energetic today.

Love Focus: This is a wonderful day on the love front, you may get a chance to share your feelings with your partner.

Lucky Number: 22

Lucky Colour: Lavender

Gemini (May 21-Jun 21)

This is an excellent day and you are going to make the most of it. Some may consider buying an expensive car or house. Cash may flow in from various sources. You may find it hard to attend an important event due to a lack of time. Someone may try to test your patience, so keep your calm and do not let others ruin the peace of your mind. Some may try a more disciplined approach to achieve their fitness goals. 

Love Focus: You may be more serious in the relationship and try to take it to the next level.

Lucky Number:  2

Lucky Colour: Violet

Cancer (Jun 22-July 22)

This is going to be a fun-filled day. Homemakers may be at their creative best today and show their cooking and decoration skills. You can generate more finances with your hard work. Some may think about remodelling their house or shifting to a new house. You may impress your clients or co-workers with your creative ideas. Some may be inspired to make higher fitness goals or join yoga or exercise classes.

Love Focus: Hopes and good times are foreseen on the love front, so enjoy.

Lucky Number: 15

Lucky Colour: White

Leo (July 23-August 23)

This is going to be a moderate day for you. Some may try to hone their skills and learn new techniques to get good career opportunities. Your financial condition is good and cash may flow in from some unexpected sources.  Some may try to make the home environment cheerful by doing something interesting. You may try something new at work in order to distract yourself from other tensions on the professional front. You are advised to avoid eating junk foods or sweets, else you may spoil your health.

Love Focus: Leo, you are emotionally ready to take your relationship to the next level, so it is a good time to propose to your partner for marriage.

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky Colour: Grey

Virgo (August 24-September 23)

This seems to be a favourable day and you may get an appreciation for your efforts on the domestic and professional fronts. Some good opportunities may knock on your door on the business front. Homemakers may plan an evening out and splurge a lot. You may get some new clients with the help of your foreign connections, so try to show dedication and serve them well.  Some may feel energetic and optimistic and use their energy in executing some trip plans.

Love Focus: Things may not go well on the love front, so avoid expecting much on the love front.

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Colour: White

Libra (September 24-October 23)

Libra, this is a perfect day to execute your pending trip plans with loved ones and spend quality time. Some good property or investment deals may knock on your door. This is a favourable day and peace and happiness may prevail on the domestic front. Avoid any kind of delay in delivering work assigned to you. Your energetic body and positive mind may allow you to hit the road and meet potential clients.

Love Focus: Some may take initiative and think about improving their romantic relationship.

Lucky Number: 15

Lucky Colour: Turquoise

Scorpio (October 24-November 22)

Scorpio, this day may bring opportunities to create some wonderful memories. This is not a favourable day on the financial front, so try to keep your expenses under control. Homemakers may get bored of their daily and monotonous routine and plan for meeting old friends or visit parents. Some may have to travel out of town or abroad to get new clients or business deals.  If you want to keep all health issues at bay, then be careful of your diet.

Love Focus: Trying something exciting to bring romance and spark back in life can work wonders.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Cyan

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21)

This is an excellent day and someone may surprise you with his/her actions on the professional or domestic front. Some may earn a handsome profit from a good property deal. Someone in the family may tie a knot soon and you may be busy in the preparation. Your superiors may realize that you are an important resource for the company. This is the right time to use your energy in doing the right tasks. Some may plan to go on excursions or biking. 

Love Focus:  If you are single, this is your day to get the opportunity to find someone special. Married couples are going to be in an important phase of their life.

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Colour: Forest Green

Capricorn (December 22-January 21)

Those who have started a new business, need to put extra effort and be sincere.  Some may have to travel to collect payment from clients. Investing in property can be beneficial for some. Some friends or relatives may visit you and help keep the home aura peaceful and joyful. Someone may inspire you to join professional courses that may help you achieve your goals on the professional front. Walking or jogging daily may work wonders for some.

Love Focus: Some issues between you and your spouse may crop up. Some may have to take tough decisions on the love front.

Lucky Number: 3

Lucky Colour: Brown

Aquarius (January 22-February 19)

This is a normal day and you find it easy to keep a perfect balance between your work and personal life.  Investing in property may prove fruitful for some. Money may flow in from various sources, so enjoy. Your sense of humour and chirpy nature may make you the centre of attraction today. If you are planning to switch companies, then you need to prepare yourself. Your fresh mind may allow you to make future plans.

Love Focus: You may find amazing ways to surprise your partner today. 

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Royal Blue

Pisces (February 20-March 20)

All your hard work may pay off soon and you may enjoy good health.  Some property deals may get you good profit. A family member or kids may become the reason of concern and compel you to make some tough decisions. You may inspire someone in your company with your communication skills. You are in good condition on the health front, just try to maintain it. 

Love Focus:  Some may feel perfect bliss in the company of their lover.

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Colour: Violet

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