“My world has changed”, Girl becomes boy after operation in Lahore

By: News Desk      Published: 07:25 PM, 4 Sep, 2021
“My world has changed”, Girl becomes boy after operation in Lahore

“My world has changed,’ are the words of a girl who has become a boy after a first-ever gender-changing operation in Lahore General Hospital on Friday.

According to the 24News HD TV channel, she was highly delighted on her successful operation in a public hospital and thanked the doctors and paramedics.

Dr Romana Ikhlaq was the head of the operation team comprising of Prof Dr Nasrullah and Dr Muhammad Imran and they completed the plastic surgery of the patient within four hours.

After the operation, the girl named Ammarah got a new Islamic name of Ammar and said as a girl had faced several problems during her education in a girls’ school where colleague students taunted her on heavy voice, and hairs on the chin.

Ammar said he loved to play cricket, bike riding and other activities from childhood and now he was very delighted to do such things without any trouble from people.

Ammar further said that he would complete his education and financially support his family. He said his world has been changed and he considered it a miracle.

The Mother of Ammar said that the family was in trouble when the hairs of beard of Ammarah started growing and her hormones changed. They consulted doctors who suggested the gender-changing operation. 

She thanked LGH doctors for operating her on a routine fee of the public hospitals otherwise, it was unaffordable for her family as they were not very much wealthy.

On this occasion, Dr Romana, Head of the Plastic Surgery Department in LGH said that they had operated the successful operation after getting complete history and proper medical tests of the patient.

Professor Al-Farid Zafar told the media that gender-changing operation was not legally possible for just a fashion in Pakistan but the doctors could do it in an unavoidable situation only.

Other team members of the operation including Dr Abdul Aziz, Dr Saima Fatima, Mehwish Saeed, Naverah Sharif, Humera Boota and others were appreciated by Ammar and the family. 

The doctors discharged him after the recovery.

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