#IIOJKUnderSiege: Modi committed strategic blunder in IOK: Imran

AJK PM says Musharraf stabbed in the chest of Kashmiris: Advises PTI govt to focus on strong economy of Pakistan as India is to become second largest in world

By: News Desk      Published: 04:13 PM, 5 Aug, 2020
#IIOJKUnderSiege: Modi committed strategic blunder in IOK: Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi committed a strategic blunder on August 5 and there were reasons to be more hopeful about the freedom of Kashmir thanks to his miscalculations.

Addressing the AJK Legislative Assembly in Muzaffarabad, Imran said he had noted despair in the speeches before him but there was no reason for that. The speech of AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider was focusing on Balochistan at one moment and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at another, he remarked.

He explained his reasoning, saying Modi revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir on the basis of wishful assumptions including that he had obtained a huge mandate and Pakistan would opt for inaction and silence. The Indian hard-line premier was also expecting a silent world besides repression creating fear in Jammu and Kashmir, Imran added.

But none of these assumptions proved true, as not only Pakistan but also the entire world was condemning India, said the prime minister and added that the true face of the Nazi BJP had been exposed by Modi’s own actions.

ISPR on Wednesday released a documentary that covers prevailing oppression in Kashmir. The documentary highlights the legal, diplomatic and human rights aspects of the present lockdown. Opinions of experts shed light on the reality of the abrogation of article 370 by the Modi regime, that it is actually a continuation of extremist and racist Hindutva ideology.

Earlier, Raja Farooq presented a resolution in House which was accepted unanimously.

The resolution rejected the revocation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir by India and condemned the siege and curfew imposed in the occupied territory since August 5 last year as well as the new laws enacted during the past year.

It said the Modi government’s steps were against international laws and the UN Security Council resolutions.

Expressing full support the Kashmiri people, the House said these changes introduced in the laws concerning the Jammu and Kashmir domicile were unacceptable as New Delhi had been aiming at demographic changes in the region.

Meanwhile, the resolution also condemned the Indian aggression along the Line of Control and thanked all the political parties of Pakistan for extending support the Kashmiris.

Speaking on the occasion, Raja Farooq said former military dictator Pervez Musharraf must also be named for damaging the Kashmir cause. “He stabbed a sword in our chest” by allowing India to fence the LoC (Line of Control), he added.

He asked the prime minister to think about and plan for an economically strong Pakistan, saying India was expected to become the world’s second-largest economy.

The AJK prime minister said the Kashmir issue must be highlighted as a matter of right of self-determination, not as a territorial dispute, otherwise, the cause would not get international attention and support.

Ending his address, Raja Farooq said they were worried about the future of Pakistan, as he urged Imran to address the divide in Pakistan.