Singer Aima Baig has a message for haters

By: News Desk      Published: 12:22 PM, 7 Dec, 2020
Singer Aima Baig has a message for haters

The young and talented singer Aima Baig is one of the most loved celebrities in Pakistan. The diva has proved that her style sense is always to the point and never fails to impress people with her attire.

Aima is regarded as a versatile singer with mastery in many genres including romantic, sad and upbeat songs and while her vocals possess a western texture.

In a recent interview, the host Mira Sethi asked her how she feels when the people comments “Are you Muslim” on your pictures?

To which Aima replied: “You cannot question anybody’s faith. You don’t know what kind of relationship I had with my Allah, or what kinds of relationship I have with Allah. You don’t know about the things that I’ve been passed through, that bought me closer to Allah. I cannot open up about everything. It’s between me and Allah. That’s my faith.”

She further adds, “If we don’t dress up according to their perception of how a Muslim woman should dress up, it doesn’t mean that we are not Muslims.”

Talking about Islam, Aima said:  “Islam is a very peaceful religion. All the fuss that has been created is by people and society. I’ve also come from a very religious background. When I told my father that I want to be a singer he asked me to remove “Baig” from my name.”

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