Crisis communication, community engagement pillars of corona response strategy: NCOC

By: News Desk      Published: 03:58 PM, 8 Nov, 2021
Crisis communication, community engagement pillars of corona response strategy: NCOC

National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) said that risk, crisis communication, and community engagement were the most important pillars of response strategy against COVID-19. 

In a statement issued NCOC said, “In an environment involving various stakeholders, different cultures and languages, proactive, targeted and effective communication was much needed for positive behavioral change of masses. designed comprehensive communication strategy incorporating world best practices and communication models including health communication, mapping target audience, mediums of communication with innovative ideas/products/campaign slogans and tag lines with prompt media coverage across Pakistan using all media platforms.”

From daily data sharing, COVID updates, and messaging, the entire information cycle was designed and executed without mistake 

NCOC further said, “Public was informed continuously with more than 40 major media campaigns, 450 Promos in 5 regional languages, Radio campaign, dedicated social media campaigns—Ramazan communication strategy, Tribute to Doctors, PPE, Eids, Muharram, various Waves, Yaran e Watan, Hosp Ramp up plan, 100 days of NCOC health guidelines messaging for all sectors and vaccine administration. 

“Produced training videos on PPE (in less than 96 hours), PSMs, and motivational videos but was key to making most effective TVCs and testimonial videos and messaging through telcos (more than 3000 million messages) in 5 languages and Rural support organisation present in 149 Distt of Pakistan was another achievement of communication strategy,” the statement reads.

Media visits of domestic and international media outlets to NCOC, arranged press conferences, and shared daily activities across Pakistan with the press which helped reach out to the masses and also kept the public informed to avoid panic in such situations. 

The COVID communication strategy has been acknowledged not only in Pakistan but had a very significant impact on international media and international organisations as praised by WHO, WEF, WSJ, and imp figures.  Most importantly the communication strategy and its playout were most trusted amongst multiple stakeholders.

"Throughout the pandemic, the maintained the credibility of govt and army's national effort has remained an extremely high stakes effort, fraught with risks. Successfully navigating the immense challenges, communication strategy has always remained proactive and a step ahead. Not only continued spearheading the national communication strategy," NCOC statement added.