'Khusra' Iman Ali remark invites Rabia Anum's wrath

By: News Desk
Published: 11:39 AM, 10 Jun, 2021
'Khusra' Iman Ali remark invites Rabia Anum's wrath
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It is inevitable that when a strikingly stunning actress ridicules her blessing of ‘good looks’ which many people are miserable to acquire, some people might not appreciate the model’s audacity to be ungrateful.

In this case, the megastar of the showbiz world who is Iman Ali appeared in a show hosted by Vasay Chaudhry and indulged in making fun of herself by comparing her ‘powerful’ features to that of a transgender’s which managed to itch a renowned anchorperson and she took the opportunity to call Iman Ali an exceedingly ‘stupid’ actress.

Rabia Anum didn’t appreciate Iman comparing herself to a ‘khusra’ and humiliating the race of transgenders in her careless declaration.

During the interview, Iman Ali declared that she doesn’t like the way she looks and even though people tell her that she is exceptionally gorgeous, when she looks in the mirror she feels that all the compliments coming her way are complete lies.

While talking about how she doesn’t appreciate her good looks, Iman uttered, “Whenever I take picture from any angle I say to myself: Aye Haye Khusra, Aye Haye khusra but people think I am beautiful”.

Popular personality Rabia Anum found Iman’s statement extremely dull-witted and she exclaimed in pure agitation for someone to shut the mouths of these type of brainless actors of the nation.

She is sick of the type of ‘unintelligent topics’ that emerge everyday through the stunts of ignorant actors.

She showed her bewilderment at how Iman Ali now thinks it is fine to use the term ‘khusra’ as a subject to degrade.

Rabia’s angered speech is concluded with being appalled at how such slow-witted actors are also being paid to appear in these shows.