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Published: 10:02 PM, 10 Mar, 2022
10:00pm Headlines on 24Digital
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♦ Crackdown on JUI volunteer organization Ansarul Islam; During the talks with the administration, a heavy contingent of police started an operation to clear the Parliament Lodge; Officials also tortured members of the assembly; PML-N leader Saad Rafiq  and JUI leader Kamran Murtaza got injured; The police have also arrested MNA Jamulud Din and Salahuddin Ayubi; JUI-F chief Fazlur Rehman also reached parliament to hand him over to the police in protest

♦ Asif Ali Zardari condemned the police operation; He says the puppet Prime Minister is harassing the members of the parliaments; Maulana Fazlur Rehman lambasted the ruling party PTI; He says creating an environment of anarchy is the need of the time for the government at the moment; Fazl hit back the premier by saying there is no need to panic

♦ Bilawal Bhutto Zardari says he will not tolerate the gun threats given to Asif Ali Zardari by Prime Minister; He says he will do with Imran Khan what generations will remember; Bilawal says they have made a lot of sacrifices; Bilawal says and demands that the security agencies investigate the attack on Aseefa Bhutto

♦ What do you say about the stories of corruption of the first lady; Bilawal's question to Imran Khan; He alleged without giving money to the first lady there is no transfer and appointment in Punjab

♦ Don't make threats, they are not wearing bangles; Maulana Fazlur Rehman's warning to the Prime Minister; Fazl says they have fought the dictators, what is the premier’s status

♦ Can't use vulgar language like Imran Khan; Shehbaz Sharif announces to challenge PM on every step; Imran Khan is doing cheap politics; No comedian does such acting as Imran Khan did; Hamza Shehbaz suggests to put tape on Imran Khan's face

♦ Anger, provocation, threats, abuse, language; Maryam Nawaz lashed out at the premier Imran; She says the premier should open his eyes and see the arrogance and pride; She says the premier’s empty threats are of no use now; She says don't be afraid to see your end; This day was bound to come

♦ If the opposition completes 172 votes, then no one will be weaker than me; The Prime Minister's meetings with the Governor and the Chief Minister in Lahore; 5 estranged members of PML-N in Punjab Assembly also met the premier in Islamabad; Among those who met were Jalil Sharqpuri, Maulana Ghiyas, Faisal Niazi, Ashraf Ansari, Azhar Abbas Chandia

♦ If the business of 26 people is closed then the assembly will also be closed; Saad Akbar Nawani says if someone thinks to suppress JKT, it makes him laugh; He says JKT stand by its position, there is no regret;  He says convince JKT or accept it

♦ Is the government itself trying to make things worse; Sheikh Rashid called Imran Khan's supporters at D-Chowk on the day of voting on the no-confidence motion; The opposition will have to bring 172 members to the House

♦ The Federal capital has become a centre of political manoeuvring; The government-allied party MQM-P has been in touch with the opposition; Before meeting Fazl, the MQM-P delegation met with co-chairman PPP Asif Ali Zardari; Fazl ur Rehman says that its time for the government to count its hours in power, not days

♦ Balochistan Awami Party could not decide on the no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister; Meeting will be held again tomorrow for further consultation; The internal story of the meeting surfaces; BAP instructs members of National Assembly to stay in Islamabad

♦ Opposition mobilized to increase pressure on the government; Petition filed in Election Commission for early decision in PTI foreign funding case; Opposition leaders teasing Nadeem Afzal Chan

♦ The Supreme Court Bar demanded to convene a National Assembly session in 7 days; President Bar Ahsan Bhoon says the no-confidence motion is not illegal; Delay in the meeting will give non-state forces and elements a chance to campaign non-politically; If the non-state forces do something then the present government will be responsible

♦ The Supreme Court has given a major decision regarding the issuance of the ordinance; The implementation of the ordinance without a state of emergency is a violation of the Constitution; The President and Governors cannot enforce the Ordinance without constitutional conditions; Action must be taken, violation of the Constitution is disrespectful and destructive to the people

♦ The Prime Minister once again went out to be unaware; AGP says he told the Prime Minister that some clauses in the PECA Ordinance were unconstitutional and could not be maintained; The Prime Minister asked, "How did this happen?" ISLAMABAD; IHC has barred the FIA from implementing the PECA Amendment Ordinance

♦ NEPRA has hiked the price of electricity by Rs5.95 per unit; The decision was taken in the context of January's fuel adjustment

♦ Ghee and cooking oil prices go up; Ghee and cooking oil prices go up to Rs44 in Karachi; Price rises by Rs494 per kg

♦ International Horse and Cattle Show kicks off at Lahore Fortress Stadium; Rare animal show, horse and camel dance; Pakistan Army, Rangers soldiers and women spear throwing; An interesting paragliding demonstration of soldiers; Rangers squad marches to the beat of a drum; The colors of the culture of the four provinces were displayed; Traditional dance of the people of Kailash Valley and Kashmir

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