Hareem Shah's romanticism knowing no bounds leads to feeding 'baby' Bilal 

By: Iqra Ejaz
Published: 12:30 PM, 10 Nov, 2021
Hareem Shah.
Caption: Hareem Shah.
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TikToker Hareem Shah has once again proved that no one can be as good a partner as she is through taking part in an activity which has made us ponder over how Hareem's romanticism knows no bounds.

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In a video posted by Hareem Shah, she has succumbed to feeding her 'baby' Bilal Shah. The man who has been capturing the attention of social media users with a passion these days decided to shoot a video while Hareem decided to feed him something which by the looks of it is quite scrumptious.

The duo who don't have any kind of restrictions regarding the kind of content they post on their platforms has made us ponder over how influencers have a responsibility to put forward the right kind of content in an attempt to 'influence' their massive fan following.

However ever since Hareem introduced Bilal Shah on her platform, she has been spotted posting carelessly shot videos which don't portray the right kind of message.

The TikTok personality keeps sharing individual pictures of her current obsession, sometimes also shares posts in which the Hareem and Bilal get quite intimate while as Hareem ventured on a vacation with her fast friend and TikToker Sundal Khattak, she still made sure to post videos in which she was spotted talking to her 'king' through video calls.

Previously, Hareem posted an update in which she responded to Mathira and uttered quite bold statements about the controversial Pakistani star as Mathira had first put forward her confusion regarding why Hareem is so popular because according to Mathira, Hareem doesn't deserve the attention. Hareem Shah became rather aggressive after Mathira's statements about her and in an attempt to demean the Pakistani celebrity, Hareem stated that the controversy queen is artificial from head to toe.  

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