Police submit incomplete challan in Noor Mukadam case

TherapyWorks workers tried to tamper evidence at crime scene

By: News Desk      Published: 12:50 PM, 11 Sep, 2021
Police submit incomplete challan in Noor Mukadam case
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Islamabad Capital Police have submitted an incomplete interim challan in the much-hyped Noor Mukadam case, reported 24NewHD TV channel on Saturday. 

The police have submitted only the confessional statement of killer Zahir Jaffer in the challan.

FIA Cybercrime has yet to issue a report about the laptop and mobile phone of Zahir Jaffer and then the police will file an additional challan in the court.

Also, the DNA report of the alleged killer Zahir Jaffer has yet to come. Medical reports had confirmed the rape with the victim Noor.

In the challan, police attached the confession statement of the alleged killer Zahir Jaffer that he beheaded Noor Mukadam and when he phoned and told his father about the murder, his father asked him to calm down saying, “There is no need to panic.”

“Our men are coming who will dump the body and take you out safely,” his father told the killer son. 

The challan gave testimonials against 12 people.

The police challan reads quoting the killer Zahir Jaffer, “When Noor refused to accept my marriage proposal then I locked her in a room and asked the security guard to be alert on the main gate barring anyone from entering the house premises.” Zahir Jaffer after beheading the victim hid her phone in another room which was later recovered from the cupboard.

The police challan said that if Zakir Jaffer informed the police about the situation then the murder would have been prevented but the father helped his son to manipulate the crime scene. 

Therapy Works

The challan gave shocking details about the Therapy Works employees as police after the investigations said, “The employees of the Therapy Works tried to hide, tamper, or manoeuvre the murder evidence from the scene. Therapy Works staffer Amjad did not lodge an FIR of the brawl with the alleged killer and later mentioned a road accident as the cause of his injuries in the medical slip.”

It has been narrated in the challan that when Noor Mukadam managed to get out from the washroom and jumped in a bid to save her life, the security guard did not help her.

Gardener Jan Muhammad also did not let the security guard open the gate that would have saved the life of Noor Mukadam

However, no reports of any poison or drugs were found from the body of the victim Noor. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan had taken notice of the gruesome murder of the daughter of an ex-diplomat.

Reporter Ehtisham Kiyani