Hammad says provinces agree to reopen construction sector

By: INP      Published: 08:06 PM, 14 Apr, 2020
Hammad says provinces agree to reopen construction sector

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Division Hammad Azhar has said that all provinces showed agreement to reopen construction sector amid coronavirus lockdown.

Addressing a press conference, Hammad Azhar said that provinces were consulted for the resumption of activities of the construction sector and the country has unanimously decided to reopen it.

Hammad Azhar elaborated some other units as well during the COVID-19 lockdown which has been extended to two weeks. He said that e-commerce, software development, paper packaging unit, cement plants, fertilizers, mines and minerals plants will also be reopened.

“The trade of instrument manufacturers and some other industries will also be reopened in accordance with the standard operating procedures (SOPs). Veterinary hospitals and book shops will be reopened as well.”

“However, provinces have not shown agreement on some points as the federal government wants to allow daily wagers like electricians, plumbers and others to resume their routine work. Punjab government has shown support to recommendation placed by the federal government.”

The federal minister added that construction activities will be resumed in different phases as the cement and brick industries will be reopened across the country. The government of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) suggested reopening the government projects first.

Azhar said that the federal government will review the measures before the commencement of Ramadan month.