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Published: 10:00 PM, 14 Dec, 2021
10:00pm Headlines on 24Digital
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♦ Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry says if the price of medicines increased from Rs3 to reach Rs7, this will not bring doomsday; says prices are not increased for 20 years, how will the industry run; says only tea is expensive in the country and everything else is cheap; says oil prices in the world market have not come down so much that it has an effect here; says people who are accustomed to cheap gas will not have to change their habits; says the burden of gas price was being borne by 78 per cent people in other parts of the country; says Asad Umar and Zubaida Jalal will negotiate with the protestors in Gwadar

♦ PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif Pakistan is now the world’s third most expensive country; says is this what you call ‘change; says ghee was being sold in the country for Rs450 per kilo says he SSGC has stopped the gas supply to industrial units from today; says the present government has been taking revenge from the people for the last three years

♦ The State Bank of Pakistan has increased its policy rate by 1%. With this increase the interest rate has jumped from 8.75% to 9.75%; the central bank announced its monetary policy and increased the benchmark interest rate by 100 basis points to 9.75%; the market was already expecting the hike keeping in view the ever-rising import bill and trade and current account deficits; the interest rate has gone up from 9% to 15%; the highest level in twenty-two months

♦ Asian Development Bank has ringed the alarm bell; ADB warns of further rise in inflation; ADB says rising electricity and commodity prices around the world will increase inflation; the growth rate of South Asian countries will be lower

♦ Plan to make winter vacation ten days; Proposal for vacation from 25th December to 5th January; Recommendations were prepared in the meeting of inter-provincial education secretary; NCOC to take a final decision on schools winter vacation tomorrow

♦ As the temperature rises, stoves started to turn off; cities witness unannounced gas loading; problems in many cities including Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Gujranwala; breakfast and cooking becomes difficult for people; gas loading also becomes a headache for restaurant owners and catering centres

♦ They are not only complaining about the problems but also looking for solutions. They are looking for partners to improve the infrastructure in Karachi. Bilawal Bhutto addressed the Sindh Investment Conference in Dubai. He said that the aim of the conference was to promote investment in the province. Sindh ranks sixth in Asia in terms of public-private partnership.

♦ Bilawal Bhutto addressed the Sindh Investment Conference in Dubai; says looking for partners to improve infrastructure in Karachi; says the aim of the conference was to promote investment in the province; says Sindh ranks sixth in Asia in terms of public-private partnership

♦ IHC declares NAB reference against Zardari as deviating from the law; CJ Minallah declared that the NAB’s reference against Mr Zardari was not according to the law; he chided the bureau that all its references got busted because they were not prepared as per the law; says that the bureau was just wasting its time by making pointless references. He stated that NAB was not above the law; remarks how the bureau could declare null and void the Income Tax Order by itself, the CJ observed adding that the NAB does not have any jurisdiction to nullify the FBR Assessment Order; Justice Farooq says can NAB make a reference on it? If so, then all Pakistan is doing this

♦ Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry called Justice (retd) Wajihuddin a mockery; say that people like him do not even recognize by their housemates; says such people talk sarcastically to show their importance; Pervaiz Rasheed says Justice Wajihuddin testified against Imran's dishonesty; says after such credible testimonies, denials will not work

♦ Saeed Ghani says Opposition did not read the local body law; says attempts are being made once again to create linguistic differences in Sindh; says the majority will decide, not the minority

♦ The greed for money made the son the killer of the father; the shocking incident of murder in Lahore; Shahzam along with his cousin and friend killed his father; hammered the body and broke the bones; a drama of murder was staged by unknown persons; the police nabbed the three

♦ 20 years old girl in New Karachi stabbed to death; the victim was attacked with a knife when she left her office to reach home; the injured girl died on the way to the hospital; the victim's neighbour is involved in the incident; Police arrested the accused's brothers

♦ Rabab, who was dismembering her husband's body in Karachi, says that the thoughts that came to her mind were not like that; says I don't think killing would have been better; The court remanded her in custody for two more days

♦ Former SHO Orangi Town Azam Gopang has been arrested on charges of killing Arsalan Mehsud in a fake police encounter

♦ Ayesha Akram, the TikToker, who became known from August 14, 2021 (Independence Day) at Greater Iqbal Park, was injured in a traffic accident near Ravi Bridge on Tuesday; Ayesha was going to a bazaar along with her brother on a motorbike that the cloth of her burqa got stuck in the wheels of the bike

♦ Justice Umar Bandial remarks in the case of reinstatement of dismissed employees Everywhere in the country is occupied by elites, people take their money abroad and hide it; the state should bear the burden of the poor, the state cannot bear the burden, so what the rich are doing; Political choices may be for Parliament, not for us

♦ National Cannabis Policy has been prepared; Ministry of Science and Technology has sent it to the Federal Cabinet for approval; Cannabis Authority will also be formed. One window operation will be launched under the regulatory authority; Shibli Faraz says that the Ministry of Education, Commerce, Agriculture and Counter Narcotics were consulted for the policy

♦ On the one hand the government talks about the health card on the other hand there is no money for treatment of infectious diseases; the  federation refuses to provide 50% provincial share for TB, hepatitis and AIDS patients; primary and Secondary Health Care informed the Chief Minister

♦ US decision not to restore frozen assets in Afghanistan; White House spokesman says 9/11 victims have been sued; says so far no progress has been made in restoring the funds; says the situation is being reviewed with the allies

♦ Wedding ceremonies of Maryam Nawaz's son Junaid Safdar; Maryam Nawaz becomes the centre of attention; Shehbaz Sharif also left for Islamabad to attend the wedding; Junaid Safdar’s Walima ceremony will be held on December 17

♦ Pakistan gave West Indies a target of 173 runs to win the second T20I; batting of the visiting team continues

♦ Beautiful views of northern areas in Pakistan; valleys are covered with snow; white sheets of snow take the natural beauty to the next level; Rawla Kot, Bagh, Haveli and many other places. Lakha is the coldest city with minus 11 degrees Celsius; Karachi will get cold in two days

♦ Seven weeks-long dry spell record in Lahore after six years; after October 24, there was no rain, even the winds did not blow; citizens waiting for smog and dry cold are waiting for rain; cold weather and rain is expected in the first 2 weeks of January; Lahore today ranks first in the world in air pollution; AQI 431 was recorded

♦ Competitors in the political arena hurled insults at each other in the ring. In Brazil, the mayor of the Amazon municipality of Borba has had a long-running fight with former city councilman Erineu "Mirico" da Silva

♦ 90th birth anniversary of late Urdu’s poet Jaun Elia observed

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