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Published: 10:35 PM, 18 Aug, 2022
10:00 pm Headlines on 24Digital
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♦Imran Khan's intervention in Punjab; PTI chief mounts pressure on Parvez Elahi for appointments of favorites over telephone;  insists on positing Ahmed Aziz Tarar as secretary housing; Fayaz Mohal was ordered to resign from DG LDA

♦Chief Secretary of Punjab will not change; the Federation apologizes to Punjab; Chief Minister asks Kamran Ali Afzal to continue work and latter 3 names referred for new CS; Ahmed Nawaz, Abdullah Khan, and Babar Hayat Tarar were chosen

♦I say to neutrals, there is still time to revise your policies; Unfortunately, NAB was not under the control of the PM; If NAB was in control, billions of rupees were taken from twenty-five people; Imran Khan's speech at a ceremony in Islamabad; criticizes the political system of ME; There is no freedom in ME because they want to control the people

♦Information Minister reminded Imran Khan of his action against media freedom; she says black laws were made against the media during Imran Khan's tenure; Journalists were subjected to violence, programs were stopped; NAB was raided against media owners; Hired spokespersons used to campaign against media. Maryam Aurangzeb termed Imran Khan's media seminar as hypocrisy

♦Islamabad High Court declared the explanation of the delay in Shahbaz Gill’s extradition unsatisfactory; the written order states that the jail authorities said Shahbaz Gill's health caused the delay; The medical officer said that Shahbaz has had asthma since childhood; The explanation given by the Adiala jail authorities is unsatisfactory;

♦ According to the medical report, Shahbaz Gul has had breathing problems since childhood; Islamabad police yet to start a probe; the medical board recommended further tests; A copy of Gul's first medical report was submitted to the court

♦ Preparations to keep Shahbaz in Islamabad instead of transferring him to Adiala Jail;  The administration's decision to declare Pims Hospital a sub-jail. Shahbaz's room in the hospital will be declared sub-jail. IG and Deputy Commissioner have written to the chief commissioner 

♦Shahbaz's fake reports are being made; Fawad Ch springs into action; Rana Sana campaigning to prove PTI an anti-army party; If the government is not finished by September 10, the matter will continue

♦Another condition of the IMF; Miftah Ismail surrenders; ban on luxury items removed to save dollars; imported items will be taxed; These items will be taxed up to 600%;  Sales customs duty and regulatory duty will be imposed; All pre-conditions of IMF have been fulfilled; Board meeting will be held on August 29

♦ Federal Minister Javaid Latif's stance is clear; Nawaz Sharif is coming to see how neutral the institutions are; What Gill have told in the investigation on the previous day is dangerous.

♦ Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is leading the country in the right direction; They are interested in the restoration of the economy instead of the crackdown; Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain's answer to the critics’ They say that we should think about the economy, not politics. 

♦The case related to the removal of Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain from the party presidency and holding intra-party elections; The decision on the request of Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain in the Election Commission is reserved

♦ Imran Khan made an agreement to create a good image in America; The agreement was made a few days before the letter was waved; Why did the letter get signed on March 7 and the agreement was made on March 22? Sherry Rehman's harsh criticism of Imran Khan. Shocking details of the agreements are coming; There is also an agreement with the company of the former CIA officer; Imran Khan's National interests and foreign relations are at stake

♦ Investigation of PTI foreign funding. Ex-Governor KP appeared in FIA; a questionnaire was given; Ex-Speaker Asad Qaisar was also summoned; FIA also summoned Muhammad Imran and Muhammad Mohsin Dawood 

♦ A family drowned in Karachi; Flood and heavy rain play havoc 

♦.A villager was caught stealing a 10 kg bag of flour in Sargodha; the thief, who was tired of poverty, was tortured by angry people

♦ US and Taiwan agree on formal trade talks in June. China's economic sanctions on Taiwan will also be discussed

♦Apple iPhone 4T Pro will be launched on September 7; most expensive mobile phone with the new feature will be available to users at the end of September

♦ Pakistan defeat the Netherlands in the second ODI as well; The target of 186 runs was achieved for three wickets

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