Reasons why we will miss ‘Darr Khuda Say’

By: Faizan Javed      Published: 07:52 PM, 19 Mar, 2020
Reasons why we will miss ‘Darr Khuda Say’

Darr Khuda Say is an exceptionally brilliant drama by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. Written by Sarwad Nazir and directed by Anjum Shehzad with a promising cast ensemble that, despite being too big, gave a generous story associated with each character.

The plot of the drama revolves around a girl from a middle-class family who steps outside her house to provide for her family and unfortunately, comes across a womaniser boss with bad intentions.

The drama recently aired its second last episode, and with the show coming to a deserving end, here are a few reasons why we are going to miss this drama.

Afreen’s character has always given us the little push we all need in our life

Sana Javed plays the character of Afreen, and it is one of those characters that remained consistent throughout the drama from episode 1 to last, no matter how many hardships she faced. Afreen was insulted by her office peers, was disgraced by her own family, and was humiliated in front of the person she loved. Her brothers refused to help, which put more hardships on Afreen as she had to work even when she did not want to. All these things did not change Afreen. She remained humble, and she kept her faith in God. Somehow we all related to Afreen even though our hardships are different, but it helped us become a better person and have faith in God.

The story of the drama was a constant reminder

‘Darr Khuda Say’ gave us a constant reminder to be afraid of God because what you do to others comes back to you in ways you would have never expected.

Whether you do it intentionally or you do it unintentionally, you will always get payback for what you do to others. Each character of this drama proved this, leading to a much closer relation to the title of the show.

The drama was our weekly dose of entertainment with a promising story on a serious social issue

Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi have been known to produce dramas that speak about social issues. The drama has gone so far as to bring out the issue of workplace harassment and everything related to it.

It showed us that workplace harassment is not confined to the walls of offices; its effects follow the person and cause them trouble in their everyday life. Whatever Shahwaiz did to Afreen caused her to be ashamed in front of her family, which is a girl’s worst nightmare.

Every character in Darr Khuda Say had a small story leading up to one big story

One of the exciting things about Darr Khuda Say was how it had small stories attached to different characters of the drama. Shahwaiz and Gul were in a toxic relationship, Mizna and Tahir settled abroad in hopes of a better life, Shehla and Azhar had a love marriage that only resulted in daily petty fights, and then there was Tamkeen’s story with different aspects. Afreen also had different love interests showcasing who left her. These different stories made the drama enjoyable as they all contributed to one big story.

We all fell in love with the bubbly, funny, and well-acted “Phuppo” of the drama

Afreen’s puppy, as played by Gul E Rana, was a humorous character that we all fell in love, and were also annoyed by. Despite the dark theme of the drama, Phuppo’s character brought in the much-needed fun element balancing the mood. It’s true that she did always say harsh things to the family, but the way she portrayed her character and her style of speaking was brilliantly done.

The teasers for episode 42 are out, and from the looks of it, the last episode of Darr Khuda Say is going to be an epic ending to a stunning drama, so stay tuned for the finale of Darr Khuda Say.

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