Iffat Omar faces backlash after her joke about rape

By: News Desk
Published: 01:02 PM, 19 Sep, 2020
Iffat Omar faces backlash after her joke about rape
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Veteran actress Iffat Omar has been slammed once again for her remarks on the motorway rape incident. We all know how serious this issue is.

Anyone with a heart and conscience would not laugh on it, but alas! It is now actress and talk show host Iffat Omar who has crossed the line and decided to joke about it.

Several people on twitter have agreed with PM Khan’s suggestion about punishing the rape culprits. But Iffat found it hilarious.

In the viral video, Iffat ridiculed the whole situation and compared it to dog emasculation. It seems that she was ‘playfully’ commenting on the government officials and their ‘tough’ job but the degrading words just slipped out of her mouth.

The public hasn’t forgotten about her innocent jhappi incident yet and she is back with another disgusting remark.

Netizens have demanded a ban on Iffat Omar’s show and requested the authorities to take serious actions on her. 

Earlier, Sarwat Gilani was slammed after she uploaded a controversial clip ahead of attending the motorway incident protest.

The video in question showcases Gilani and Frieha Altaf making a distasteful joke about the protest held in Karachi - organised by the media fraternity.

Netizens have since then come forth slamming Gilani over the insensitive clip.

Responding to the censure, Gilani issued an apology, stating she made an 'honest mistake'. "My apologies, it was an honest mistake. Making numerous cards and helping organizers with setting up a protest can get very mind-boggling. Since a lot of celebrities were busy with work on the first protest’s date we decided to get out a day when most of us were available," the actress tweeted.

Following are some of the reactions of people on twitter on the video clip of Iffat Omar: