Deewangi reaches its climax as Nageen makes some tough decisions

By: News Desk
Published: 03:38 PM, 20 Aug, 2020
Deewangi reaches its climax as Nageen makes some tough decisions
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Deewangi is one show that has kept audiences hooked from the very beginning because of its dynamic cast, brilliant performances, and a storyline that gets better with every episode.

In the show’s latest episode, we find out that Sultan’s henchmen have brutally beaten Haroon and have disguised the case as an accident. 

Even the police refuse to believe that it’s an attack and hence do not carry out any investigation. The doctors tell Nageen and Haroon’s family that his legs and backbone have suffered serious damage, and he has gone into a comma.

Ramsha arrives at the hospital and tells Nageen and the others that Sultan is responsible for Haroon’s condition. 

She confesses about being bribed by Sultan to take Haroon away from the country. She encourages them to file an FIR and tells them about the evidence that she has against Sultan. 

Haroon’s mother refuses to file a report and asks Ramsha and Nageen to leave. One of Sultan’s men who has been keeping him updated overhears Ramsha’s conversation and tells him everything. 

Ramsha takes Nageen to her place and shows her the evidence. The two decide to fight against Sultan and expose him in front of the media.

One of Sultan’s employees calls Haroon’s mother to tell her that the company will bear all his medical expenses, but she refuses to take their help. 

He then warns her about raising voice against Sultan, as they would harm Rida, Haroon’s sister.

A distraught Nageen goes to Ramsha’s place but finds out that she has apparently committed suicide. Upon asking a police officer, she’s told Ramsha was heartbroken over a guy, so she killed herself. 

Her suicide note tells the same thing. Moreover, the police tell the media that Ramsha’s relatives do not want a post mortem for her. 

A visibly shaken Nageen goes back to the hospital and tells Rida and Haroon’s mother about Ramsha’s death, but his mother blames her for everything that has happened in their lives. She pleads to Nageen to go away from their lives for good if she ever truly loved Haroon. 

Dejected and defeated, Nageen calls Sultan and tells him about Haroon’s accident. 

He pretends to know nothing about it but immediately offers to pay for his treatment just to make her happy. She tells him Haroon divorced her on the night of his accident and she doesn’t love him anymore. An overjoyed Sultan asks Nageen what she’s going to do now, to which Nageen asks if he would accept her.

The next episode will be the last one, and going by the teaser; it promises to be a roller coaster ride of twists and turns. 

Why did Nageen suddenly have a change of heart? Will Sultan pay for his sins? Will there be a happily ever after for Nageen? Deewangi’s last episode will air on Wednesday at 8 pm and we can’t wait!