Uncles line up to be adopted by Mathira

By: News Desk      Published: 03:02 PM, 20 May, 2021
Uncles of Pakistan
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Some excessively bold celebrities of the nation receive merciless hate due to their ‘out-there’ personalities and this time Mathira, the fearless Pakistani star is attacked by the “uncles” of Pakistan.

Pakistani model, dancer, television hostess, singer and actress Mathira Mohammad is feeling sorrowful for the children of Palestine.

The model took to Instagram to portray her misery over the current state of Palestine and put forward her desire to adopt a Palestinian child.

Mathira wrote, “I wish we could adopt a baby from Palestine. I would love to adopt a child and give him/her all the love that he/she lost a safe place called home”.

Though the actress wants to provide a safe place for a dejected Palestinian child, her concern was not appreciated.

Social media users feel that it is better if Mathira doesn’t go forward with her plan as she will never be able to raise a child properly and modestly.

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Therefore Mathira was asked to not destroy a child’s life.

Furthermore, people also labelled Mathira’s concern as just another publicity stunt.

Netizens feel Mathira is just going forward with such an initiative as she demands attention. But the most amusing bit is yet to be revealed. 

As soon as Mathira announced that she wants to adopt: “If there is a way for adoption available do dm me,” she wrote.

Mathira gave out an invitation herself for the trolls to do their trolling and for the perverts to start directly sending her creepy messages.

Mathira’s invitation to send her a direct message for a way to adopting a child in Palestine opened the doors for “uncles” of Pakistan to finally reveal their wishes for the model to adopt them.


These uncles sent Mathira messages asking or literally begging of her to adopt them if she is so keen on adoption.

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Mathira wrote in her Instagram story, “Can stupid boys stop messaging by saying please adopt me. What is wrong with people grown as uncles and men messaging me by saying please adopt us.”

Mathira always gives us high-level entertainment.