Sherry slams government for sacking staff 

By: INP      Published: 11:46 PM, 21 Nov, 2020
Sherry slams government for sacking staff 

Parliamentary Leader of PPP in Senate Sherry Rehman has condemned the government plan to sack more employees.

“This decision is illegal and unconstitutional, she said in a statement on Saturday.  The ex-diplomat came down hard on the leadership of ruling PTI for, what she called, ‘Tabdali Sarkar’ set new records of lying to the people.  What happened to 10 million jobs the premier promised, she asked.

Sherry said: “On one hand PM Imran Khan has established the National Job Portal and defends the Punjab CM who is giving jobs to his relatives while on the other his government was making people jobless.”

“The government is selling national institutions and firing employees. They sacked 450 PTDC employees, 750 Radio Pakistan and hundreds of PIA staff. The government has now approved the sacking of 9,350 Pakistan Steel Mills employees.”

She reiterated her party resolve to continue with fighting for public rights, saying:  “The government has been rubbing salt into wounds of the public that has been struggling to survive deadly Covid-19 pandemic. But this loot sale of institutions in the name of restructuring is unacceptable. 

The federal government needs to focus on presenting revival plans of the public institutions and it needs to address mismanagement on the part of the core team.