Saudi Arabia restricts use of mosque loudspeakers

By: News Desk      Published: 08:16 PM, 23 May, 2021
Saudi Arabia restricts use of mosque loudspeakers

Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs has announced a new code restricting the use of external loudspeakers in the mosques, reported 24News HD TV channel.

According to the code, the use of an external loudspeaker will be limited to Azan (call for prayers) and Iqama.

Saudi minister for Islamic affairs Dr Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh issued the orders directing the mosque imams are now prevented from installing echo devices as neigbours face problems due to the loudspeakers.

The code states elderly and ailing citizens face problems due to distortion. The interference of sound from different mosques creating distortions is the problem for the neighbouring of the mosques.

The new code for the use of loudspeakers has been formulated under the light of Sharia law. According to sharia law, the voice of the imam was necessary only for the people who are in the mosque. And there is no need to use an external loudspeaker. The ministry further says it is a desecration if someone does not listen to the recitation of the Holy Quran and when someone recites it on the external loudspeaker, there are chances that people do not pay attention to it.