Is America no more a superpower?

By: Ali Shah      Published: 11:59 PM, 24 Jul, 2021
Is America no more a superpower?

Either we say a diplomatic defeat or weak policies of the U.S. may give China a clear pitch to play a long game in the future. China is making no mistake and playing great strokes against its rival U.S. through its diplomatic attitude without any hesitation to talk with those countries which have a little rift with America. 

It was a common thought for a long that, being a superpower, the U.S. always makes its policies for the next twenty to forty years not only for its nation but for the entire world. Whenever disputes arise in underdeveloped countries, they always seek help from the U.S. for a better solution, and the United States of America plays its role as the superpower of the globe. But the last regime of “Donald Trumped” of the U.S. and the current era of “Joe Biden” surprisingly lost its legacy while China made its best through modifying diplomatic policies against America. 

A recent video conference between Russia and China made an alert to the U.S. and its allies that there is going a big deal in two powers and the U.S. must change its diplomatic policies as per future needs. The news aired on various global media forums that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping extended a 20-year-old treaty aiming to play role in the dismantlement of arms control agreements; peace in the world and other conflicting situations.  

China offered its services to Pakistan and Afghanistan for peace talks with the Taliban. While a couple of days back, during the media talk, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said that China was ready to work for peace in Afghanistan.   

China is expanding its coordination and relations with those countries which have been ditched by the U.S. It is worth mentioning that a massive $400-billion deal between China and Iran may help China in getting easy access to the hot waters. Chabahar was a dream for India which has been drowned after the involvement of China. In a statement, Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister Zarif said, “We have made very clear to our Indian and Chinese friends that Chabahar is open for cooperation for everybody. Chabahar is not against China… is not against Gwadar. Chabahar is a place where we can all come together in order to help Afghanistan, help development and prosperity in the region”. Indian hopes connected to Iran’s Chabahar port aiming to devalued Gawadar have vanished after China’s entrance in the shape of a deal with Iran. Now the game is in the hands of China whether play or not.  

Apart from all agreements and deals between China and other powers of the region; in the recent G7 summit, Joe Biden has tried to convince its allies to make a unified front against excelling economic power of China. The stronghold of China in the Eastern and Western parts may be a disaster for the U.S. and other countries. As per media reports during a session, Joe Biden dragged the attention of the participants towards the forced labor practices in China through which may they can build pressure against it. But only Canada, United Kingdom, and France endorsed Biden’s viewpoint against China while Germany, Italy, and European Union seemed a bit reluctant and showed no positive sign. 

The new regime of America should realize that China's forced labor practice is its internal issue and it will never allow any other power to interfere in it. Joe Biden’s government has lots of internal issues needed to be resolved on top priority but have been neglected so far.    

China’s relations with Russia, Pakistan, Iran, and now with its deep concern in a stable Afghanistan is actually strong diplomacy which is not acceptable to the U.S. Economically growing China and its policies towards underdeveloped countries like Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are not in favor of America and its close allies like India. America is losing its command over these countries, while China is supporting them by all means. America should modify its foreign policies if it really wants to remain a superpower.

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