Fazl condemns Macron before bashing Imran Khan

By: News Desk
Published: 06:59 PM, 25 Oct, 2020
Fazl condemns Macron before bashing Imran Khan
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Pakistan Democratic Movement president and JUI-F supremo Maulana Fazalur Rehman Saturday strongly condemned France and its president Emmanuel Macron over blasphemy.

He said France and Denmark have committed the biggest crime and have hurt the feelings of Muslims all around the world and vehemently condemned such actions.

Addressing a PDM gathering at Quetta’s Ayub Stadium, he demanded to stop all such blasphemous steps immediately.

He also condemned the Karachi incident terming it a moral disaster and stopping of Mohsin Dawar at Quetta airport.

He also demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister and President after the court ruling over Qazi Faez Issa case and said they don’t have any moral reason to stick with their position.

He said PDM would not allow any change in 18th amendment or NFC award and won’t let anyone deprive the provinces of their rights.

He said they won’t let anyone occupy the islands of Sindh and Balochistan as they belong to the people of these provinces.

He again recounted the good work of PML-N government’s economic team and said the current inept rulers have destroyed all that good work and have put the country into a mess.

He said he had warned that if these people 9PTI) came into the government they would destroy the country and the same has happened.

He said a country’s prosperity is dependent on its economy.

Fazl said when Nawaz was in the office all neighbouring countries including India and Iran wanted to trade with Pakistan but now the country is heading towards the bankruptcy.

He said this government has put the friendship with China at stake and the great plan of CPEC has come to a halt as these rulers think Pakistan can’t afford such a grand plan and industrial development.

He said the rulers have pushed Pakistan into isolation internationally and regionally and the foreign policy has proved a total failure.

“Even now Afghanistan is not ready to listen to Pakistan now. Afghanistan and Iran, who were Pakistan’s friends, are now in the Indian camp.”

He said Kashmir policy was the cornerstone of Pakistan’s policy and now under this government, India has annexed Kashmir and they did not respond forcefully against it.

Fazl said giving Gilgit Baltistan a provincial status means Pakistan would deviate from its principle stand that it had taken since 1949 in United Nations Security Council.

He alleged that the rulers have sold Kashmir and have left the Kashmiris in total despair and Kashmiris have left wondering that what they would do next after undergoing numerous sacrifices for the freedom.

He said the current government has made the friends like China and Saudi Arabia unhappy.

Fazl said they respect all the institutions as they are indispensable for the country but if the institutes enforce martial law or back an illegal fake government then it was their right to protest against them.

Fazl demanded the institutes stop backing the illegitimate government and confess to the people that they helped them to bring into the power by manipulating the elections.

Fazl also takes jibe at PM Imran Khan in Pashto language saying he wants to establish Riasat–e-Madina, instead he has made it Koofa.

Fazl said the opposition did not need an NRO but Imran Khan is now in need of the one.

Fazl said he did not accept this government since day one and still does not accept it. He said Imran Khan has snatched the jobs of millions instead of giving 10million jobs to people he had promised.

He showed solidarity with the relatives of the missing person and urged the international humanitarian organisations to look into the matter.

He said they have come out to the street to fight against these oppressors and urged the whole nation to come out to the streets for the freedom and prosperity of the country.