Dur-e-Fishan grows wiser while combating criticism, negative remarks on work

By: News Desk      Published: 03:25 PM, 26 Aug, 2021
Dur-e-Fishan grows wiser while combating criticism, negative remarks on work
Dur-e-Fishan gestures during the interview.

The ever-gorgeous Pakistani model and TV actress Dur-e-Fishan Saleem was recently spotted in an interview with Heart-to-Haunt.

According to details, airing various details of her personal and professional life in the interview, the actress’ statement on how she deals with criticism and negative remarks on her work went viral.

As soon as the video of the interview was released, thousands of her fans who could relate their situation with the celebrity star shared their views.  

Dur-e-Afshan Saleem while talking about all the negativity and criticism she faces on social media, stated that, “In the early days of my career I used to read all the comments and reviews and if I get to see any negative comment I used to be so sad and disheartened.

She went on to share her tip and maintained, “Then my younger sister who is 8 years younger than me, made me understand that if I’ll be reading all the comments every time either I’ll become self-obsessed that people are praising me or I’ll not be able to focus on what I have just because of that one negative comment.”

She said, “Now I don’t read a lot of comments and feel relaxed. We should work for those people who are praising you rather than being depressed because of that one negative comment.’’

“There will always be someone who will criticize you and say something harsh about you, but just let it go and focus on what you have,” the multi-talented actress Dur-e-Fishan added.

It is pertinent to state here that the actress holds a fan following of 386K followers on Instagram and keeps on sharing her personal and professional stuff to get her fans all engaged.