US contacts Pakistani officials for telephone interview with Zahir Jaffer

By: News Desk      Published: 06:54 PM, 27 Aug, 2021
US contacts Pakistani officials for telephone interview with Zahir Jaffer

The United States has contacted Pakistani authorities for a telephone interview with Zahir Jaffer, the main accused in the Noor Muqadam murder case in Rawalpindi's Adiala Jail and a US citizen, while the accused and his parents have demanded better facilities.

According to reports, Zahir Jaffer's parents and co-accused Zakir Jaffer and Ismat Adam Ji have applied for B class in the jail.

Remember that Zahir Jaffer's father is a well-known businessman of the country. He has asked the jail authorities to keep him in B class with better facilities.

According to sources, "Zahir Jaffer, the main accused in the case of brutal murder of Noor Muqaddam, is also demanding that he be shifted to a better place."

Earlier, there were reports in the local media that US embassy officials had met Zahir Jaffer, a suspect in the Noor Muqaddam murder case in Islamabad, in police custody.

The US embassy in Islamabad later said in a statement that "US citizens in any country are subject to the laws of that country. The US embassy cannot influence court proceedings in any case."

The embassy said in a statement on Twitter that "when Americans are arrested abroad, the embassy can check their well-being and provide a list of lawyers, but cannot provide them with legal advice."

Zahir Jaffer was arrested by Islamabad police on July 20 from his home in Posh Sector F-7 of Islamabad on charges of murdering Noor Muqaddam, daughter of former Pakistani diplomat Shaukat Muqaddam.

According to police, the accused had beheaded the victim after the murder.

A few days later, police also arrested Zahir Jaffer's parents on charges of aiding and abetting. Action is being taken against the parents of accused Zahir Jaffer under sections 109 and 176 of the Criminal Code.

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