Tuba responds to Aamir's insistence that he still considers her his ‘lawful wife’ 

By: Iqra Ejaz
Published: 11:05 AM, 28 Feb, 2022
Tuba responds to Aamir's insistence that he still considers her his ‘lawful wife’ 
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Widely acknowledged TV host and political figure Aamir Liaquat Hussain has lately put forward his beliefs regarding ex-wife Syeda Tuba Anwar still being married to him and if the lady would choose to tie the knot to some other man, it would be considered a sin.

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In response to Aamir’s statement, Syeda Tuba has taken to her social media handle and tried to shed light on the fact that she has taken Khullah from the court which is her constitutional right. Furthermore, Tuba also revealed that she doesn’t consider the facts being claimed on media relevant as they are completely against the values practised in a court of law.

Syeda Tuba also in a very subtle manner tried to shed light on how her previous marriage was toxic and abusive therefore she had all the rights to take an exit from a marital relationship that wasn’t in any way favourable for her.

In her long note, Tuba chose to state: “I also urge the Islamic scholars to speak up for women who choose to exercise their rights in accordance with the Shariah and Pakistan’s constitution.”

Aamir Liaquat and his latest teen bride Syeda Dania Shah have been making sure to attend a lot of interview shows lately. During one of the interviews held lately, Dania Shah chose to reveal that she has no problem with Aamir’s ex-wife Syeda Tuba coming back into the TV host’s life and if the former spouse would end up coming back in the picture, Dania would gladly consider Tuba her elder sister.

While this topic was being discussed in detail, Aamir Liaquat also declared that Tuba is always welcome to resolve matters and patch things up because the ‘Nagin’ sensation believes that she is still his wife and if Tuba would choose to tie the knot to someone else that would be considered a sin.

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