Hareem Shah loses SELF CONTROL when HE is around 

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 12:00 PM, 29 Dec, 2021
Hareem Shah loses SELF CONTROL when HE is around 

TikToker Hareem Shah has lately confirmed that she has indeed tied the knot with a man known as Bilal Shah however the social media personality's latest urges to post courageous yet controversial husband-dominated content on her Instagram handles might not be the most appropriate approach.

Everyone's favourite TikTok star Hareem has crossed limits by posting a considerably bold video with her better half lately during which the duo can be seen getting excessively intimate. 

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The gestures and boldness shown during Hareem Shah's latest social media update might not be the right approach while attempting to be influencing the massive amount of followers Hareem has acquired on her social media handles.

During the videos posted by Hareem Shah which feature her husband while the couple is seen indulging in questionable moves, one can observe the TikToker's need to put forward the message that she is indeed very happily married, which is a very good news however the need to be choosing a music playlist hinting on the duo's deep bond, one might steadily assume that the TikToker intends to send out a message.

In one of the videos, Hareem and Bilal can be seen holding each other very passionately whereas in another video Hareem has been seen holding her lover's hand while she lip syncs to dialogues. 

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Here are all the videos which Hareem Shah has uploaded with her husband lately: