Actress Marina Khan contracts Covid-19

By: News Desk      Published: 03:16 PM, 30 Apr, 2021
Actress Marina Khan contracts Covid-19
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The Pakistani television and film actress, director and producer Marina Khan has fallen victim to Covid-19 and has tested positive for it.

The senior actress decided to take the matter very non-seriously and posted numerous Instagram videos to make the announcement.

Her announcement however didn’t just revolve around her catching the disease but was a light-hearted conversation about the seriousness of matters related to Covid-19. How ironic.

58-year-old Marina started her lively speech by first declaring that she has Covid-19 and that she will be spending the next 14 days all alone in her room.

She further said that she has fought a lot with Covid and her friends will now make fun of her.

Marina always thought that if it will happen so it will happen and she would deal with it. She didn’t make a large deal out of it.

But when she did test positive for it, she understood the virus’s reality. She said that all the myths which revolve around corona emphasising on how it’s not real are all ‘bakwaas’.

It is very real and so far her symptoms include intense fatigue, fever and some major headache though the intensity has decreased now.

Marina very highheartedly included that the major advantage is that now she has a fridge in her room.

On a serious note, Marina urged everyone to take the necessary precautions.

Further declared that though Eid is near, Eid shopping is not essential. Eid is not for clothes but to celebrate with loved ones.

Corona is not solo, it is all around us.

Then Marina gave the biggest example which is India and emphasised on how devastating the situation in India is.

She requested all her followers to pray for India and send them their sincere blessings.

Marina concluded by saying that she hopes everyone’s eid is spent well and sensibly. 

With so many people dying around us, it is not important that we celebrate. And this situation is temporary. Can’t we observe some patience for one year or two years maximum?

She requested again for everyone to take the ailment of Covid-19 seriously and send our prayers to India. The country is going through a highly strenuous phase. 

Marina Khan and Pakistani screenwriter, lyricist, actor, and director Muhammad Ahmed are to be starred together in a drama serial known as ‘Aulaad’.

In ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ both the senior actors divulged in the absurdity of shooting romantic scenes together in the serial. 

Muhammad Ahmed said, “As we are very close friends there were some scenes in which we couldn’t stop laughing while shooting.”

“Specially the scenes which were romantic one, we both used to say that we should not have an eye contact with each other while shooting this scene otherwise we will start laughing again. It was very difficult for us to shoot romantic scenes together”, Marina Khan declared. 

Marina Khan is a 58-year-old Pakistani television and film actress, director and a producer. She is considered to be one of the most popular actresses of the 80s. Her most renowned projects include Tanhaiyan, Dhoop Kinare, Nijaat and Tanha.