War in Ukraine: Latest developments

Published: 09:32 PM, 30 Jun, 2022
War in Ukraine: Latest developments
Caption: Covered and protected monument of Olga of Kiev (L), a banner reading "World help us", past the Church of Three Saints C) and St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery (R) in central Kyiv.
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Here are the latest developments in the war in Ukraine:

- Russia abandons Snake Island -

Ukraine claims a strategic victory after Russia announces it is leaving Snake Island, the rocky outcrop in the Black Sea where Ukrainian guards put up a spirited resistance to the invading forces in the start of the war.

Russia claimed it was abandoning the island, which lies off Ukraine's southern coast, near key shipping lanes, as a "gesture of goodwill" aimed at freeing up shipping access to the war-torn country.

But Ukraine claimed they were forced to retreat after coming under a barrage of artillery and missile fire.

Snake Island became famous after a radio exchange went viral at the start of the war, in which Ukrainian soldiers respond "go f*ck yourself" to a Russian warship that called on them to surrender.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Russia's pullout shows "in the end, it will prove impossible for (Russian President Vladimir) Putin to hold down a country that will not accept his rule."

- US to support Kyiv 'as long as it takes' -

President Joe Biden vows the United States and its NATO allies will support Ukraine "as long as it takes" to ensure the country is not defeated by Russia.

"We are going to stick with Ukraine, and all of the alliance are going to stick with Ukraine, as long as it takes to make sure they are not defeated by Russia," he says.

Speaking at a news conference at the NATO summit in Madrid, he announces $800 million in new weapons for Ukraine, including air defence systems, adding to the billions in military aid Washington has already sent.

- New 'iron curtain' descending: Lavrov -

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says a new "iron curtain" is descending between Russia and the West, three decades after the end of the Cold War.

He says Russia's relations with the European Union have been at a low ebb since 2014, when Moscow annexed the Ukraine peninsula of Crimea following a popular uprising in Kyiv.

He adds Moscow will not trust Washington and Brussels "from now on".

Since Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24, the West has hit Moscow with several rounds of unprecedented sanctions.

- Grain shipment leaves Ukraine port -

A ship carrying 7,000 tonnes of grain sets sail from Ukraine's occupied port city of Berdyansk, in what pro-Russian officials claim is the first such shipment from a Ukrainian port since the war began.

Berdyansk was one of the first cities to fall to Russian forces at the start of the war

Evgeny Balitsky, the region's Moscow-appointed administrator says the grain is headed for unnamed "friendly countries".

A Russian blockade of Ukraine's Black Sea ports has prevented millions of tonnes of grain from being exported, worsening global food shortages.

Ukraine has accused Russia and its allies of stealing its grain.

- Russia warns against oil price cap -

Russia says G7 plans to cap the price of Russian oil would lead to a shortfall on world markets.

"This is another attempt to interfere in market mechanisms, which can only lead to market imbalance," Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak says. He warns of "price increases" and market shortages.

Leaders of the Group of Seven leading industrialised nations agreed at a summit this week to work on a price cap for Russian oil as part of efforts to cut the Kremlin's revenues.


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