Ayesha Omar talks about the most traumatic phase of her life 

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 12:34 PM, 31 Aug, 2021
Ayesha Omar talks about the most traumatic phase of her life 

Style icon of Pakistan, Ayesha Omar has decided to reveal details about a time period in her life which was quite traumatic and the actress felt the need to attend various activities in order to divert her mind.

Miss Omar has shared a few pictures on her Instagram handle which had been taken in Dubai right one week before the first case of Covid-19.

Ayesha looks as stunning as ever as she poses for the camera donning a white blouse and living up to the expectations of the most stylish actress of the nation.

However as exquisite as Ayesha may seem in her clicks, she was devastated during this point in her life and has revealed: “I remember this hour clearly, watching the sunset from my hotel-room balcony in Dubai. An hour to myself between a packed promotions schedule. I also remember that day was extremely traumatic for me, one of my most traumatic times actually: my privacy had been breached big-time the day before and I felt my world was crumbling.”

To avoid feeling like this, Ayesha tried to distract herself by prioritizing her work needs.

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Miss Omar further stated: “My heart was heavy and my mind was a mess, while posing for these. Instagram is never a reflection of reality. You can never tell what’s actually going on in someone’s head or life by what you see in a photo. Sanya and I both were going through terrible times, but we made it through, and came out stronger and softer. This was also exactly one week before the first case of Covid-19 was discovered in Pakistan.”

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Currently, the renowned public figure is feeling immensely grateful and has revealed her appreciation for all the love and support she receives from her fans.