Netizens ROAST Alizeh Shah’s version of ‘Ore Piya’  

By: News Desk      Published: 11:28 AM, 31 Aug, 2021
Netizens ROAST Alizeh Shah’s version of ‘Ore Piya’  

Actress Alizeh Shah is in the mood to prove something which makes her first keep changing her hairstyles and then posting videos of herself singing various songs.

This time, the controversial yet alluring star has taken to her Instagram handle to post a singing video which might have not been a good idea.

Alizeh starts her singing escapade by first mentioning that she tried to sing an English song previously but people didn’t understand it much so this time she would be singing a much understandable song.

Miss Shah decided to sing renowned singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s blockbuster track ‘Ore Piya’ however the poor actress trying QUITE hard to excel at the singing part and impress her fans, failed miserably.

As soon as Alizeh’s singing session consisting of ‘Ore Piya’ was out, netizens attacked the actress on her failing to grasp the essence of the song and various social media users commented that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan would have died after listening to Alizeh’s version of his song.

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One thing which was too obvious during Miss Shah’s video clip was the actress trying TOO hard to impress and this made her pronunciation of lyrics a bit TOO forced.

Users also fail to understand why Alizeh keeps switching her hairstyles between short and long.

A particular netizen commented: “Video bohat achi hai agar mute karke sunein.”

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