Public appalled at Amna Ilyas’ ‘insensitive’ kick off challenge 

By: News Desk      Published: 01:57 PM, 31 Aug, 2021
Public appalled at Amna Ilyas’ ‘insensitive’ kick off challenge 

Film, television actress and model Amna Ilyas is determined to come up with innovative yet hilarious content for her social media handles however her ‘insensitive’ kick off challenge has provoked massive backlash on the internet.

Miss Ilyas has posted a video on her Instagram handle in which she aims at an apple sitting on top of a boy’s head however losing the target, the actress ends up kicking the boy right on his face.

Social media users are appalled at Amna’s audacity to post this video after the insensitive action she did in her clip.

While the celebrity twin duo Aiman and Minal expressed laughter at Ilyas’ stunt, various netizens called the model discourteous and rude.

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Some even said that pranks and jokes should not be stretched this far as everything should be done in a limit.

A netizen commented: “And if the roles were reversed.”

Also various users are accusing this action to be deliberate and calling Amna Ilyas ‘illiterate’.

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