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Published: 10:00 PM, 31 Mar, 2022
10 pm Headlines on 24Digital
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♦ Where did the threatening message come from; Prime Minister Imran Khan took the name of the United States; He says that a message was received from the United States on March 7 or 8; He also says that his decision to go to Russia included consultation of all; On Sunday, there will be a vote of no confidence

♦ The National Assembly resounded with the slogans of 'Go Imran Go'; Khursheed Shah says that there were 173 members of the opposition in the House; No vote on no-confidence motion was taken in the meeting today; Opposition members demanded voting as soon as the assembly session started; The Deputy Speaker adjourned the meeting till 11:30 am on April 3; Imran Khan will remain the Prime Minister or not, the decision will be taken on Sunday

♦ The National Security Committee expressed grave concern over the alleged conversation of a foreign diplomat; It termed interference in Pakistan's internal affairs as intolerable; The government decided to respond to the letter in diplomatic etiquette

♦ Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif says this letter is false and fraudulent; Such letters come day and night; Shehbaz says the joint opposition will not want to go to the lowest level where the premier has gone;He alleges that the PM hid illegal funds; There is corruption in your house. The nation saw that there were 172 members in the House

♦ Bilawal Bhutto  says Imran Khan is begging, grabbing everyone's feet to save his prime ministership; Bilawal says Imran Khan has no way to run, how long will he run; There is only one honorable way to resign; If Imran Khan thinks that NRO It may be too late

♦ Joint Opposition refuses to allow Imran Khan NRO; Joint Opposition says through the no-confidence motion, new democratic and constitutional traditions will be established in the country

♦Joint Opposition has proved its majority today; Imran Khan does not know which glue to stick to the chair; The joint opposition will put Shehbaz Sharif in another chair, Sardar Akhtar Mengal says. Maulana Asad says we will protect our members Will Amir Haider Hoti's advice to the Prime Minister not to panic.

♦ The opposition is involved in a conspiracy to change the government; Opposition leaders are taking dictation from abroad, Fawad Chaudhry's accusation; He claimed that the conspiracy started from Nawaz Sharif's house

♦ Aseefa Bhutto will take part in the next elections; Asif Ali Zardari's announced to bring daughter Aseefa Bhutto Zardari in parliamentary politics

♦ Punjab Assembly Speaker Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi met with the head of Chheena group, Ghazanfar Abbas Chheena, at his residence in Lahore on Thursday and requested him to support his nomination for the seat of Punjab chief minister 

♦ Special Assistant to Shehbaz Gill is still on the payroll of American Public University; The News report revealed everything; Shehbaz Gill appointed as a Clinical Assistant Professor in University; According to a story published in English daily, The News, Gill has still not declared in the Cabinet Division his employment as well as the salary he is drawing from the University of Illinois

♦ The Pakistani rupee continued to depreciate during the PTI regime; The dollar reached the highest level in history; In the open market, the dollar reached Rs185

♦ The price of LPG has reached the highest level in the history of the country; After an increase of Rs13.34, the price of LPG per kg has gone up to Rs233.78

♦ Bad news for the citizens of Karachi; The price of power has been increased by Rs3.27; The increase in electricity prices will be applicable to April bills; There will be an additional burden of Rs 3.58 billion on consumers

♦ Lack of fuel and technical faults in power plants; Shortfall of electricity has reached 5,500 MW; Total power generation has exceeded 14,000 MW and demand has exceeded 19,500 MW; Load shedding continues

♦ Hollywood film 'Minions The Rise of Gru' trailer released; The movie will be released on July 1

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