Daughter-in-law kicks out Madhubala's 96-year-old sister from her house in New Zealand 

By: News Desk
Published: 03:38 PM, 4 Feb, 2022
Daughter-in-law kicks out Madhubala's 96-year-old sister from her house in New Zealand 
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The world is full of stories revolving around family members mistreating each other however the latest update regarding late Indian actress and producer Madhubala's 96-year-old eldest sister has succeeded in shocking us to the core.

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It has been revealed that Kaniz Balsara who is Madhubala's eldest sibling has been thrown out of her house in New Zealand by her very own daughter-in-law. Furthermore, Kaniz was then put on a flight to Mumbai without any cash.

Madhubala's niece Perveez, who is Kaniz's daughter has lately shed light on how this distressing tale of mistreatment begun. 

Perveez stated: "Because she was so much in love with her son Farook - my brother- that she couldn't stay without him. My brother too loved Mummy very much. He took our parents to NZ when they moved there. He was a very respected man working in the Correction Department in NZ. But my sister-in-law Sameena did not like our parents."

She further said: "She never cooked food for my parents at home. My brother Farook had to get food for Mummy and Daddy from a nearby restaurant. Sameena's daughter (Kaniz's granddaughter) is now married in Australia but she too treated my mom badly; she was in fact there with her brother (Sameena has 2 children) when Mummy was made to leave the house and put on an aircraft."

Concluding her revelations, the daughter declared: "I went to NZ regularly, sometimes twice a year. Mom came down twice. But she could not come since the past 5 years as my brother said that it might not be safe given her age, as oxygen levels tend to fluctuate at higher altitudes. Sameena chose to give him the message and not us. Now, I wasn't in Mumbai. I was in Palghar. My cousin was informed around 12 noon on January 29. I had barely 8 hours to rush and be in Mumbai in time for the flight's 8 pm arrival."

Perveez also chose to reveal how Sameena's torture intensified after her brother passed away this year on January 8. 

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